Insufferably Cruel

I’m packed and ready, off to surprise my friend Kelly on her 40th birthday. I have no children, no schedule, one overnight bag and limitless energy. She’s 40 today and we will celebrate. Her husband and I are emailing our plans, his emails always include the phrase, “I am so excited”. I’m up early at 6am because I want to have a lovely morning, I want to get my kids to camp and prepare everyone for my quick trip. I’m leaving nothing to chance. It’s ten AM and I sit …

On Death and Dying and Doing it all Wrong

On my desk are sympathy cards. They’re blank because I can’t fill them in. I cannot bring myself to write: Dear Emily, I’m so sorry that you lost your mother in what should have been her best and strongest years. I’m so sad for you that you won’t have your mother there when you have children and that your father will grow old with someone else, or even alone. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love you and how blessed I am Because you are part of …

Is it just me? Barak Obama, Chairman Mao and Andy Warhol

Please understand that I won’t be poking fun at McCain any time soon. Why? First off, I’m a registered Republican (for now), and secondly because he’s one crazee ass motherfucker that could probably kill me with a strand of twine and a wet matchstick. I’m not voting for thrilled with Obama but I’m pretty sure I can say what I like and stay out of prison. So McCain is off limits here. Related?

Quick Weekend Recap

Friday brought the kids to camp and the dog to the sitter. Drove to Goleta (Santa Barbara area) Stopped on the way (Camarillo) for outlet shopping and discovered that really mediocre clothes in giant sizes make their way to the outlet stores. If you are morbidly obese Nike has plenty of discounted tennis skirts for you. They had one size small, it was stained in three places and they offered me 10% off. Uh, gee thanks Nike but I already have disgusting stained skirts at home. Stayed at an okay …

Tennis Anyone?

I’m off to the Brady Tennis Camp tomorrow. Before I leave there is a three page spreadsheet about various activities I’ve planned for the kids; basketball, playdates, birthday parties and a few rules. You know my mom was an elementary school teacher for 30 years. I’m sure she needs my notes. (to be fair, it was public school)