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Press & Honors


Babble: Top 50 Twitter Moms

Babble: Top 50 Mom Blogs 2010

Babble: Top 50 Mom Blogs 2009

Cision: #1 Mom Blogger on Twitter

Fast Company: The Influence Project top 1%

Forbes: 14 Power Women to Follow on Twitter

Klout: Named the second most influential mom blogger

Nielsen: Power Mom 50

Nielsen: Bloggers and Influencers who Made a Mark 2008

She Knows: Named the #1 Blog that makes you think

RedTri: LA’s Top Ten Mom Blogs

Yahoo: 10 Power Women in Social Media

Klout uses me to explain how influence works

Klout uses me (and a nice looking man above me) to explain how influence works


When Oprah Winfrey needed to jumpstart the OWN Network I was brought on board to travel with them to three cities and two countries.

HLN/CNN: dozens of appearances with Vinnie Politan and Jane Velez Mitchell

Fox News: a handful of appearances on Fox and Friends

Parenting Magazine: My MIL is my BFF. An article I wrote for the magzine hits the web at CNN and other outlets

Fox News: Mother’s Little Helper

CNN: Is Jessica Simpson ready for her big Weight Watchers Reveal?

CNN: Posting Pictures of your Kids Online

San Francisco Chronicle: Infolinks Empowers Women Blog-Stars to Give Back

Fox News: Should School Kids Rely on Computers

AOL Patch: Uncle Louie Teams up with Jessica Gottlieb

AOL Patch: Uncle Louie, a Yankee, a Giant and an Army of Celebs

Babble: Top 50 Mom Blogs for 2010 (and 2009)

Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2010

Fast Company: The Influence Project

Wall Street Journal: Attack of the Tall Dolls

Slashfood (AOL): Mommy Blogger Backlash Over HFCS

AOL News: Ad Tells Women: Freshen Up Below for Career Advancement

NPR: What Would You Say to Your 20-Something Self

Wendy Williams Show discusses taking your kids to the bathroom and Momversation

Hive Awards: honorable mention Lifestyle Blog

Forbes 14 Power Women To Follow On Twitter

Dr. Phil, again. Airing January 15

Parents Magazine article

MSNBC Health

Dr Phil (again) he said I did “great” .

True Mom Confessions (video)

New York Times Sponsored Tweets: What’s Your Take

CNN picked up the MSNBC piece.

Fast Company interviews me about sponsored tweets

Web Worker Daily (A Gigaom site) continues the sponsored tweet conversation

Ms. Magazine Summer 2009 Cover story

MSNBC Virgin America, Twitter and my family

Blog Talk Radio with Pepsico (radio)

Featured on the Dr. Phil Show.

Power Moms 50 List

ABC News When Moms Are Pushed Too Far

Wall Street Journal Paid to Pitch: Product Reviews By Bloggers Draw Scrutiny

ABC News Could Chris Brown still be Kids’ Choice?

ABC News Lavish Kids’ Parties Get Trimmed in Bad Economy

CBS evening news coverage of my inauguration party (video)

Wall Street Journal Private Schools Feel the Pinch Amid Recession

CBS Evening News

ABC News Sarah Palin’s Parenting Choices Under Fire



Washington Post

Motrin Moms: Social Media Fail Whale

Why the Four C’s of Community Require the Commitment of Many

How Twittering Critics Brought Down ‘Motrin Mom’ Campaign

“Motrin moms,” a-Twitter over ad, take on Big Pharma… and win

J&J apologizes, says it missed the mark with Motrin mom ad


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