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I’ve Never Actually Been to Applebees (I’m not even sure they exist in Los Angeles)

But I can tell you this. I was having a mild to moderate freak out at the grocery store today, because the whole “oops we mixed up old apple juice and tequila and served it to a toddler” thing had me triple checking expiration dates on yogurt and milk.

From the Detroit Free Press

Madison Heights Police officers discovered a leftover mixed drink combination, mislabeled as apple juice, was accidentally mixed with other apple juice then served to the child, according to a statement issued by the department.

My son loves tamale pie (who doesn’t really) and Vons happens to have one that isn’t full of terrible shit (except I know it’s not organic beef) so I was holding it in my hands today, but then thinking, ooh the same guys who get jobs at Applebees probably mass produce this food too.

So I left the store without the tamale pies, and my son is going to be bugged so I’ll have to make tamale pie from scratch, which is very labor intensive, and I blame Applebees in Madison Heights. Because that’s the kind of blame girl I am.