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I’ve Never Actually Been to Applebees (I’m not even sure they exist in Los Angeles)

But I can tell you this. I was having a mild to moderate freak out at the grocery store today, because the whole “oops we mixed up old apple juice and tequila and served it to a toddler” thing had me triple checking expiration dates on yogurt and milk.

From the Detroit Free Press

Madison Heights Police officers discovered a leftover mixed drink combination, mislabeled as apple juice, was accidentally mixed with other apple juice then served to the child, according to a statement issued by the department.

My son loves tamale pie (who doesn’t really) and Vons happens to have one that isn’t full of terrible shit (except I know it’s not organic beef) so I was holding it in my hands today, but then thinking, ooh the same guys who get jobs at Applebees probably mass produce this food too.

So I left the store without the tamale pies, and my son is going to be bugged so I’ll have to make tamale pie from scratch, which is very labor intensive, and I blame Applebees in Madison Heights. Because that’s the kind of blame girl I am.

8 thoughts on “I’ve Never Actually Been to Applebees (I’m not even sure they exist in Los Angeles)”

  1. You’ve never been to Applebees? Believe me, you’re not missing anything. Their food is terrible. The only thing I like there is their dessert and I’m not much of a dessert person. ~lol~

  2. I make a casserole that I call tamale pie and is super easy. One lb of browned ground beef, corn, one can of Ro-Tel tomatoes (with juice), cheese if I remember. Mix, put it in a casserole dish. Pour cornbread batter over the top and bake according to the cornbread directions. I sometimes add cheese and mild green chiles to the cornbread batter.

    1. Oooh, this sounds like a recipe I do called Mexican Shepherd’s pie…Ground beef (with taco seasoning) layered on the bottom (and mixed with black beans, we always add beans to taco beef), then salsa, corn, then cornbread mix…and at the end I might throw on some cheese, black olives…and when it’s on the plate you can add a little sour cream or green chilis.

  3. I’ve long ago sworn off chains, though years ago when I was doing weight watchers I would go there with friends so that I could eat off of their WW menu. Anyway – this apparently isn’t the first time this has happened at an Applebee’s. At least 2 other incidents over the past couple years have been reported.

  4. The good news is that even the best restaurants are staffed by people who make mistakes. And to take this in a slightly different direction I sometimes worry that the kids who run the rides at amusement parks aren’t paying attention.

    How do I know that “Mikey” isn’t flirting with “Megan’ when he should be checking the damn roller coaster to make sure that it won’t crash into the car in front of it.

  5. I love chains. I know that no matter what I will get the same lasagna in Florida as I get in New York. I know what to expect! We rarely eat out…but I have come to hate Applebees just b/c every time we go…I send the food back. It’s terrible. Either the bun is burnt, the noodles are cold, the sauce has separated…Ugh. It’s something! My daughter likes it…so that is the only reason I’ve put up with it…but no more. A few months ago my husband and I both got something that was icky…we sent it back & got salads instead (how do you screw up a salad?)…and the lettuce was gross. We paid for ONE entree…and our kids’ meals…Left a note for the server instead of a tip (service was *that* bad…) and let the hostess know the food, the experience…the everything was terrible. The only reason they get business is b/c the Wild Wings place & the steakhouse had a long wait.

    We’re in a military town and we don’t have many options…so I’ve been googling lots of “copycat recipes”. ;)

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