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We Raised A Bunch Of Sissies: Yes, I’m Politicking

APTOPIX Congress AutosAutomakers went to DC and asked for money. The government said, “no, you’ve been irresponsible. File bankruptcy and restructure.”

That same day.

My daughter Jane asked me for money for iTunes. “Take it from your allowance jar.” I told her. “It’s empty.” She replied. “I’m sorry, you’ll need to save more next week.”

Time passes

Automakers drive hybrids to DC and ask for money. “No” say the lawmakers. “But look, we’re in shiny new toys and we squished into them to and washed behind our ears and two million people are counting on us.” They plead. The Senate says, “No, clean up your mess.”

That same day.

My daughter Jane says, “Listen, I know I spent my allowance and I haven’t earned any money but I’m super cute so give me some cash or I’ll take down the whole 4th grade with me.”

“Sorry”, I say, “No can do, when I run out of money I stop spending. I’m teaching you responsibility.”

The next day.

The pwecious automakers don’t like the answer and ask the President for help. Two still don’t appear viable, Ford seems to be at a tipping point.

At the same moment.

Jane asks her father for the money I’ve said no to, and she is punished.

Don’t get me started on corn subsidies.