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We Raised A Bunch Of Sissies: Yes, I’m Politicking

APTOPIX Congress AutosAutomakers went to DC and asked for money. The government said, “no, you’ve been irresponsible. File bankruptcy and restructure.”

That same day.

My daughter Jane asked me for money for iTunes. “Take it from your allowance jar.” I told her. “It’s empty.” She replied. “I’m sorry, you’ll need to save more next week.”

Time passes

Automakers drive hybrids to DC and ask for money. “No” say the lawmakers. “But look, we’re in shiny new toys and we squished into them to and washed behind our ears and two million people are counting on us.” They plead. The Senate says, “No, clean up your mess.”

That same day.

My daughter Jane says, “Listen, I know I spent my allowance and I haven’t earned any money but I’m super cute so give me some cash or I’ll take down the whole 4th grade with me.”

“Sorry”, I say, “No can do, when I run out of money I stop spending. I’m teaching you responsibility.”

The next day.

The pwecious automakers don’t like the answer and ask the President for help. Two still don’t appear viable, Ford seems to be at a tipping point.

At the same moment.

Jane asks her father for the money I’ve said no to, and she is punished.

Don’t get me started on corn subsidies.

0 thoughts on “We Raised A Bunch Of Sissies: Yes, I’m Politicking”

  1. great post, jessica. i like that daddy sticks to the rule of solidarity.

    we are leaving in scary times. somehow I wish I could read more about hair removal all of the sudden…

  2. jessica

    let me start by saying how bummed i am that i missed you at #DFR08 last night. i’ve been a twitter follower for a while and it would have been great to finally meet you.

    as for your politicking…i really loved the analogy between the auto industry leaders and your daughter. i completely agree that people should be held accountable for irresponsibly behavior.

    with that said, i just want to throw in my 2 cents and i would love to hear your thoughts.

    i’m a born and raised detroit girl. my family is still back there so i go home a few times a year (i’m in LA now.) during my 22 years of living in detroit, i met a countless number of people who either worked for the big three or had a family member who did. i also have a lot of friends who work on wall street. knowing both worlds relatively well, here in my humble opinion…

    there is no question that both are guilty, but the government is punishing the auto industry while the snakes on wall street get away with a nice big bailout and no accountability. but here is what i keep thinking to myself: before the *bleep* hit the fan on wall street, even the lowest person on the financial totem pole was making an unconscionable amount of money. in detroit, the lowest man on the totem pole is a blue collar person working hard to make decent money. this debacle cuts much deeper than everyone thinks and i can’t help but put myself in the shoes of those affected. who would you rather be when the sky comes falling: the average guy on wall street with a cushy bank account or the auto work in detroit who doesn’t have a big bank account or a college degree to weather the storm?

    maybe i’m totally wrong or i’m missing something, but when i see detroit wither away to nothing i can’t help but think who is really paying the ultimate price?

    i would love any feedback you may have.


  3. Awesome post Jessica, I agree with Mr. Tefft’s comment. And I too could rant about the corn subsidies in this country…wait I have at my parent’s table during Thanksgiving…My dad finds it amusing when I rant about plant and animal agriculture, since after all I majored in animal science.

  4. You always manage to build comparisons that most wouldn’t notice, let alone be able to put into words. Always fascinating.

    I’ve also done my fair share of ranting about the inane subsidies of corn in this country. For cars? Seriously? When so many people are starving… and well, that’s how it starts, doesn’t it? I’ll refrain from setting up my soapbox on your blog. :)

  5. LOVE this post about the ‘pwecious’ automakers. LOL – you are so right. They really are exactly like your daughter! It’s rather pathetic, but true. I think everyone could use to take a little more responsibility in life, but especially a lot of these corporations who are buckling and whining at the moment.

    Congrats on being saucy btw!!!

  6. This post is really good.

    My husband had to close his company a year and a half ago. After owning and running his own company for 10 years, it has been very difficult to find a new job with a large corporation. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves (too much), we have been doing all sorts of creative things to make ends meet.

    When the banking bailout happened in fall, I thought is was not the right thing to do. I do not think the auto bailout is right either.

    There is not a lot of fun, when you have to accept responsibility and figure a way out of the hole you find yourself. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), that is part of growing up and being mature. It is great that you are teaching your daughter this while she in young.

  7. Those kids in Detroit have been ruling the monopoly board for too long. About time so of those people landed on bankrupt on the board. Send them to jail and this time…NO FREE PARKING! 1 YEAR! Oh and no freaking soup either! Bailout my butt. What about those people living on the streets because of their mismanagement? Where’s their bailout? Gimme a break!

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