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This morning started slow. Jane slept out at a friend’s house and Alexander just wanted to wake up and watch cartoons, it was a fine day.

I ran a few errands, we dropped Alexander off with the neighbor and Mr. G. and I ran off to Beverly Hills Porsche to test drive a Mercedes they’d taken in on trade. As a passenger I loved the car. Who wouldn’t love a sedan that has heated and air conditioned massaging seats in the front and the back? You’d have to be a robot to not love that.

My husband did not love the car. I was a little disappointed, but also relieved. I enjoy leasing cars, I like getting a new car every few years, and never having them long enough to need repair. It’s our little luxury.

We picked up Jane on our way back home, and then collected Alexander and the kids and I grabbed sandwiches for lunch while Mr. G played tennis. After lunch we relaxed a little, then Jane and I went to play pool while Mr. G and Alexander went to buy a new football, and then play with it. Jane and I hit Tillys, looking for shorts, and I’m dreading this summer’s shopping.

These are shorts for your 8 year old child.

I brought Jane home to Mr. G and Alexander, and then went around the corner to have my eyebrows done. I came home, grabbed the family and we went for dinner. While waiting for a table I asked my husband what he thought of my eyebrows. The conversation went exactly like this:

MR. G: What do you mean?

ME: I had my eyebrows done. What do you think?

MR. G: I don’t like this. This is a trick question.

ME: No it’s not.

MR. G: I don’t see anything… wait, what did you do and why are you doing this to me.

ME: I just had my brows done

MR. G: I know you. This won’t end well. No one has their eyebrows done. I don’t know what done means. Why don’t you just give me the answer or a draw a picture.

ALEXANDER: They look a little higher on your face, Mom.

ME: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

ALEXANDER: Good, I think it looks nice.

He’s a brave child, and here’s a picture of the new and improved brows.Taken With My Google Phone