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Sleep Number i8 Bed Review

Recently the folks at Sleep Number asked me if I’d like to try their bed. I told them that I was sleeping on their bed, but I wasn’t very cozy with it. This wasn’t the answer that they were looking for and I tried to explain to them how very hot the bed was. I told the rep that I’d even considered the Dux bed as a replacement but then I remembered that we work for our money and that a five figure bed is for someone rich or stupid, perhaps a little of both.

We talked a little more and I explained that Mr. G. and I were just roasting at night. They suggested that we go to the highest sleep number and we realized that we’d both crept up there over the years. Effectively we were laying on, not in, the mattress. The next step for us would have been to add one of those egg crate looking things on top of the mattress for a little added ventilation but then I was assured that the Sleep Number i8 would be a massive upgrade from our old 500 series and that there was an egg crate-like thing involved.

I need you to know that I was skeptical. So skeptical that I didn’t allow them to remove my old mattress. I had a feeling that this might not work out.

Thank goodness I was wrong.

There’s a whole process to buying a Sleep Number bed and if you’re reading this blog you’re just nerdy enough to really appreciate it. When you’re at the mall stop by the Sleep Number store even if you don’t need a bed and find out your sleep number (yes, I realize they employ the same marketing tactics as crack dealers).

After you find your sleep number and pick your bed you schedule a delivery. My delivery was interesting. Again, this is not my first Sleep Number bed and I did remember that they’d been lovely to deal with in the past. I was not at all surprised when they sent out two delivery men that were clean and nice. I peppered them with questions about the bed and then asked them if they knew anything special about the delivery. Often times when people know I’m a blogger I get extra special service. These two knew nothing (or were incredible actors straight from Central Casting) and I can only assume that everyone gets the same thoughtful and tidy service (I made them slip their shoes off to come in the house).

assembling the sleep number bed one

inserting the blow up parts on the sleep number i8

putting the egg crate thing onto the p8 sleep number bed

sleep number p8 air holes

sleep number p8 all assembled in my bedroom

Now to the good part. The sleeping part.

Something has changed with Sleep Number. We liked our last bed… until we didn’t like it. But we did have 8 good years and someone else is enjoying it now.

The i8 is amazing. I cannot tell you how much I love getting into bed and how happy I am to be swaddled in it all night long. It’s an interesting sensation to drop into a bed that is really quite firm but at the same time envelops you. If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis like I do the Sleep Number bed can be a godsend. Imagine if you will that you’ve just had an imperfect night’s sleep. You wake up with a stiff back and it takes a few hours to work it out. If you’re me and you have RA coupled with a bad night’s sleep you can just give up on the day. It’s narcotics for breakfast and prayers for lunch. I really don’t screw around with my body anymore and that’s why I didn’t let them take my old bed away, it may have been overly warm, but it let me feel good.

When I was in the store finding out my sleep number the sales lady was talking to me about the adjustable bed frame. I was all like, “Listen lady I spend half my life telling people arthritis isn’t just for old people, I’m not getting a hospital bed before my time.”

And then she smiled and explained to me that most buyers were actually really young and into technology. By lifting the feet just the tiniest bit they are able to sleep comfortably on their backs… which could mean no icky pillow to face wrinkles in the morning.

The i8 was and is a wonderful bed. I shipped the old bed off to a family that doesn’t have means for a new one and the fact of the matter is that after eight years it really doesn’t show any signs of wear. Now I’ve got to decide if I want to spring for that adjustable frame. It’s been calling my name.

UPDATE: This really isn’t the bed for us. Although it breathed better than its predecessor every time we went to a hotel we were like, “That’s the best night’s sleep ever.” We’ve gone back to a traditional mattress and we’re very pleased with that decision. Our son sleeps on a sleep number and really likes it but he’s one person and not quite 100 pounds. We have come to the conclusion  that a Sleep Number Bed is ideal for one person, and not for two.