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Sleep Number i8 Bed Review

Recently the folks at Sleep Number asked me if I’d like to try their bed. I told them that I was sleeping on their bed, but I wasn’t very cozy with it. This wasn’t the answer that they were looking for and I tried to explain to them how very hot the bed was. I told the rep that I’d even considered the Dux bed as a replacement but then I remembered that we work for our money and that a five figure bed is for someone rich or stupid, perhaps a little of both.

We talked a little more and I explained that Mr. G. and I were just roasting at night. They suggested that we go to the highest sleep number and we realized that we’d both crept up there over the years. Effectively we were laying on, not in, the mattress. The next step for us would have been to add one of those egg crate looking things on top of the mattress for a little added ventilation but then I was assured that the Sleep Number i8 would be a massive upgrade from our old 500 series and that there was an egg crate-like thing involved.

I need you to know that I was skeptical. So skeptical that I didn’t allow them to remove my old mattress. I had a feeling that this might not work out.

Thank goodness I was wrong.

There’s a whole process to buying a Sleep Number bed and if you’re reading this blog you’re just nerdy enough to really appreciate it. When you’re at the mall stop by the Sleep Number store even if you don’t need a bed and find out your sleep number (yes, I realize they employ the same marketing tactics as crack dealers).

After you find your sleep number and pick your bed you schedule a delivery. My delivery was interesting. Again, this is not my first Sleep Number bed and I did remember that they’d been lovely to deal with in the past. I was not at all surprised when they sent out two delivery men that were clean and nice. I peppered them with questions about the bed and then asked them if they knew anything special about the delivery. Often times when people know I’m a blogger I get extra special service. These two knew nothing (or were incredible actors straight from Central Casting) and I can only assume that everyone gets the same thoughtful and tidy service (I made them slip their shoes off to come in the house).

assembling the sleep number bed one

inserting the blow up parts on the sleep number i8

putting the egg crate thing onto the p8 sleep number bed

sleep number p8 air holes

sleep number p8 all assembled in my bedroom

Now to the good part. The sleeping part.

Something has changed with Sleep Number. We liked our last bed… until we didn’t like it. But we did have 8 good years and someone else is enjoying it now.

The i8 is amazing. I cannot tell you how much I love getting into bed and how happy I am to be swaddled in it all night long. It’s an interesting sensation to drop into a bed that is really quite firm but at the same time envelops you. If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis like I do the Sleep Number bed can be a godsend. Imagine if you will that you’ve just had an imperfect night’s sleep. You wake up with a stiff back and it takes a few hours to work it out. If you’re me and you have RA coupled with a bad night’s sleep you can just give up on the day. It’s narcotics for breakfast and prayers for lunch. I really don’t screw around with my body anymore and that’s why I didn’t let them take my old bed away, it may have been overly warm, but it let me feel good.

When I was in the store finding out my sleep number the sales lady was talking to me about the adjustable bed frame. I was all like, “Listen lady I spend half my life telling people arthritis isn’t just for old people, I’m not getting a hospital bed before my time.”

And then she smiled and explained to me that most buyers were actually really young and into technology. By lifting the feet just the tiniest bit they are able to sleep comfortably on their backs… which could mean no icky pillow to face wrinkles in the morning.

The i8 was and is a wonderful bed. I shipped the old bed off to a family that doesn’t have means for a new one and the fact of the matter is that after eight years it really doesn’t show any signs of wear. Now I’ve got to decide if I want to spring for that adjustable frame. It’s been calling my name.

UPDATE: This really isn’t the bed for us. Although it breathed better than its predecessor every time we went to a hotel we were like, “That’s the best night’s sleep ever.” We’ve gone back to a traditional mattress and we’re very pleased with that decision. Our son sleeps on a sleep number and really likes it but he’s one person and not quite 100 pounds. We have come to the conclusion  that a Sleep Number Bed is ideal for one person, and not for two.

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  1. We just bought a Sleep Number Classic series bed (C3) and got the same good service at delivery. We also bought a temperature-balancing mattress pad for it, since we tend to warm up at night too, and it WORKS. We’ve had the bed for about a month, and LOVE it. 

    1. As a suggestion. Use an electric mattress pad over the egg crating under the regular pad and set it on low during the day and your pad and the bed will be nice and perspiration free the following nite when you climb in.

    2. Glad you liked it. I bought one and it was okay for a few months, then I learned to hate it. It felt like sleeping on a darn balloon. I dunno if they have done it yet, but what they really need is a mattress with multiple baffles or chambers and have each of them be adjustable for better comfort.

  2. We have a sleep number imitation bed and have had to replace parts quite often during its ten year run. This review makes me feel like it is time to step into brand name territory. I have a chronic pain disorder so a good bed makes a huge difference in my life.

  3. We got rid of our Sleep Number bed and the replacement works for my husband, but not so well for me.  Now I want the Sleep Number upgrade.  I’m jealous.  I want to love my bed.  (You have to imagine this last part said with a sad, poor little me face.)

  4. Can you feel the split in the middle? Or does the eggy crate thingy cover that up? If you’re in the middle can you feel the difference in the numbers on each side? Like if you’re doing the whoppy will your right side be doing the whoppy at an 8, yet your left side is doing the whoppy at a 10? ;P

    1. yes very much so. The bed itself is great, however the middle screws everything up. Can’t cuddle, and like you said, when you “whoppy”, you better make sure both sides are the same number…

  5. I’ve always dreamed of a sleep number bed. I have a feeling I’ll have to eventually invest in one once my boyfriend moves in. We have extreme temperature differences. I blame me being raised in California and him being raised in New York lol. Either way, this may be the way to go, seeing as I’ve had back issues since my son was born.

    1. I also dreamed of a sleep number bed, until I convinced the manager to hire me. Once hired, I could afford to buy the very expensive luxury Queen size. Total living nightmare! I kept waking up with bad back pains because it kept leaking air. When you contact customer service, you are told to unplug the unit, plug it back in 20 minutes later, and that should correct problem. Bed continued to leak air. 2nd call, was told to take batteries out of the remote control, 20 minutes later, put batteries back in, that should correct problem. Bed again leaks air. 3rd call, was told to unplug air hoses and connect the plugs. This process determines if the air chambers are leaking air, or the remote needs to be replaced, or the air pump needs replacing. The bottom line is that you are over-paying for a glorified “air bed.”

  6. I have heard so many good things about these beds. I bought a memory foam mattress thinking it would help me get a better night’s sleep, but it is still painful for me to sleep on. I’m only 30, but I have issues with bone pain, and since I sleep on my side I have a lot of trouble getting comfortable. It sounds like a Sleep Number would probably work for me, too.

  7. I have been thinking about this for a while now. Our mattress is 15 years old. Yes, 15 and in desperate need of replacement. Been holding off because other things took precedence but my 40+ year old body yells at me now.

    These mystery aches and pains have gotten to be most irritating. I might have to check that bed out.

    1. After much research, trials and errors. ( returned Macy`s bed that was incredibly expensive) They were really good about it. Went to a furniture store where they sell the better quality beds. Found the best bed overall, Sealy Latex Spring Free mattress with an adjustable frame. Matttress should last for 20 years. Adjusts up for reading and watching TV. When I stay at 4 star hotels I miss the comfort of my bed. They come in softer to firmer , I would go for the mid range as I did. A hard bed is not good for you , but a comfortable and support one is per Chiropractors, and other medical professionls. No I do not work for Sealy.

  8. Kim @WhatsThatSmell

    The i8 is the one we liked the best.  I have rheumatoid arthritis and circulation issues, she said a Sleep Number bed would help.  I can’t wait to get ours!

    The adjustable frame is on my Christmas list.  I’m almost 40, my face needs some wrinkle relief.

    Thanks for sharing my shopping experience post, I appreciate it!

  9. Get the adjustable! Just got a new I10 with adjustable. If you like how a regular I8 feels, it will be better with the adjustable!

  10. I HATE my sleep number bed. Can’t cuddle in the middle…. If your old or single and don’t want to cuddle, I guess this is the perfect bed for you…

  11. A forum that I post on from time to time had a query about the best bed and I would say two to three times more people preferred the temperpedic to the sleep number. 

  12.  I loved my sleep number bed. It was top of the line. I just had to buy a new bed because it was full of mold. I looked it up online and there were many many people with the same problem that had tried to start a class action lawsuit. I miss my sleep number though

    1. Get a Boyd NightAir.  Same thing (probably better) at 1/3 the cost.  I have an Operetta 6 and 0 complaints.

  13. I nearly quit reading when I saw this person “lays” in bed, wondering whether she lays eggs or what! Hate reading bad grammar in a newspaper!
    But with our awful experience with a Sleep Number (which after 3 years resembles a very hilly terrain) and a partner with RA, I was interested. We are so angry with the SN people, we’d never ever get another one, but spent so much for it that we can’t get a different bed yet. It took about two years (during which we were gone half the time!) for our valleys to appear, and adjusting the numbers didn’t help. Of course the guarantee was for exactly two years, so by the time we were really aware that something was wrong, it was too late. So I need a rec for another mattress, something we can afford, and that will last a few years.

  14. I love my sleep comfort-going on 3 years-  so much so that I am taking it to Japan with me when I move next year. have had none of the problems mentioned here.


  16. sleep number beds SUCK period !  what happens when you compress air? it get’s hard ! so,your either laying on a soft inner tube or a hard one. we had one for about 5 years and i just couldn’t take the pain anymore. my back would be screaming when i got up and i’m not the only one who has gone through this. lot’s of people. and what about all that foam under a pillow top? well it eventually looses it’s bounce and flattens out. personally i’d rather sleep on a bed of nails before i’d buy one of those things again.  

  17. we got our money back on our horrible Sleep Number bed as it was (not sure if still is) Good Housekeeping rated.  Our bed was crippling me and I have no back problems.  I could not sleep in it and it had crevices from one side with higher air and one side lower air.  It really was just an air mattress with a remote.  Good Housekeeping sent us nearly full price refund and we bought a new bed.  The Sleep Number is now in a spare room that nobody uses. It is worth looking into………

    1. Please tell me how you got.your money back! After 45 days we are miserable. I8 is killing us!

  18. I wouldn’t trade my 15 year old Tempurpedic king size bed for ANYTHING! It is still just as delicious to sleep in as when it was brand new–and that’s after several health issues that I and my spouse have gone through over the past number of years.

  19. We got one and hated it , put it in basement for when we have severe
    weather in here Nebraska and have to spend the night in basement.  We
    also h ave a futon and couch down there as well, the nights we have had to sleep
    in basement due to tornadoes in area no one wanted the sleep number, we
    fought over the futon. 

  20. We made the mistake of buying an Ikea bed instead. The top of their line. It’s falling apart after 2 months but it sucks so bad we’re not even going to go back to them with the warranty. I’d love to try a Sleep Number and regret now not looking at them.

  21. My husband and I love our 6 year old sleep number bed, so much in fact, we bought a second one for our RV. It was explained to us at the store that women’s skeletal structure is heavier through the hips, therefore we should be filling that side to a higher setting. Men on the other hand, are heavier through the chest and shoulders, so their side needs to be softer. My side is set at 70/75. My husband sets his at 60 psi. I have arthritis in my spine and hip joints and have a lot of pain and stiffness. With this bed I get a great night sleep and rarely wake incapacitated in the morning.
    We bought our second bed online through Campers Village in the USA. It was a deluxe king and it was less than $1,000…shipping was about $60. to Canada. It is every bit as good as our older mattress and it is a Sleep Number bed, not a knock off.

    1. I’m having some reservations but I think it’s less mattress related than bed related. I’m going to switch us to a platform bed and if the issues continue then I’ll have to rethink the mattress. Mostly though its hard to know right now. I just realized the bed frame (which is all soft wood) is about 15 years old…
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  22. I absolutely HATE my sleep number bed. The my husband’s side “bowed out” almost immediately after we purchased it and the top had a concave spot right in the middle. We had a lifetime warranty on the bed. When I contacted the service for the beds, they said they now only have limited warranties and I had to PAY FOR REPLACEMENT PARTS!!!!! The parts came and now the bed is so uncomfortable that we are disgusted beyond words. Lot of money to be treated so poorly, have a defective bed we’re stuck with and have the warranty turn out to be a lie.

  23. How did you ship your old bed??! I want to ship my old sleepnumber bed and foundation to my parents, but can’t figure out how to ship it. No boxes big enough and FedEx, UPS won’t ship it. HELP ME OUT :)

  24. Funny, I’d seen you kvetching about your old mattress and yeah, totally sympathetic. When you sleep on the wrong mattress, no $ amount sounds like too much to pay for the right one. My darling man bought us a new mattress 5 months ago when I moved in. Somehow he misinterpreted my request for “nthing more than medium firmness’ to mean ‘extra firm’ so now I sleep on an indoor sidewalk. At least i do it next to the most wonderful man I know, though, right? :) So glad your days with the old mattress are done!

  25. I bought a sleep #bed almost 2 years ago .I started having back problems after about 6 months Ive had ct scan x rays p.t ,pool therapy and the pain just gets worse and worse .I cant sleep on the bed anymore I wake up around 3 am in so much pain I get up and sleep on the couch.Ive been sleeping on an old Ikea twin bed for the last 2 nights and I have inc flexability in the morning.Pain is already improving.I called the company to report my problem and was told they would send out a part to elevate the air week later no shipment I called again on monday and was told they will send it right out.maybe by the time I get it my back pain will be gone and I can really see if its the bed.I just want my money back.I havent had a good night’s sleep since I bought the bed.any advice would be appreciated on recouping my loss never mind the pain and suffering!

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