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Bob Parsons

About the Go Daddy Elephant Hunt

Earlier today my friend Marsha Collier directed me to this video of Bob Parsons the GoDaddy CEO shooting and killing an elephant.

To be very clear, I like meat. I eat lamb, buffalo and cow with great regularity. I eat chicken, I eat fish, and do a happy dance every time I get a spoon full of caviar. I love that hunters kill only what they can use, and that they are often the biggest conservationists of us all.

I grew up fishing, but never hunting. Random fact, I have skinned a rattlesnake, boiled it and eaten it.

So understand that I’m neither vegan nor activist. I’m not even convinced that killing an elephant in Africa is criminal or immoral, it might be. It might not be. Again, I’m not sure.

I do know that you’ve got too much money when videos like this surface. I do know that Go Daddy has not been a good solution for me, and since there are so many great hosting companies out there I’d rather make someone rich who is more like me.

Not a boycott, just a pragmatic decision. Someone’s going to get rich, if you want it to be a guy like Bob Parsons you should stay with Go Daddy.