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About the Go Daddy Elephant Hunt

Earlier today my friend Marsha Collier directed me to this video of Bob Parsons the GoDaddy CEO shooting and killing an elephant.

To be very clear, I like meat. I eat lamb, buffalo and cow with great regularity. I eat chicken, I eat fish, and do a happy dance every time I get a spoon full of caviar. I love that hunters kill only what they can use, and that they are often the biggest conservationists of us all.

I grew up fishing, but never hunting. Random fact, I have skinned a rattlesnake, boiled it and eaten it.

So understand that I’m neither vegan nor activist. I’m not even convinced that killing an elephant in Africa is criminal or immoral, it might be. It might not be. Again, I’m not sure.

I do know that you’ve got too much money when videos like this surface. I do know that Go Daddy has not been a good solution for me, and since there are so many great hosting companies out there I’d rather make someone rich who is more like me.

Not a boycott, just a pragmatic decision. Someone’s going to get rich, if you want it to be a guy like Bob Parsons you should stay with Go Daddy.

15 thoughts on “About the Go Daddy Elephant Hunt”

  1. Laughed out loud! Lived in Africa for two years, and I can say that the Africans don’t shoot elephants, except to sell their tusks on the black market. I think your call on it is pitch perfect, not so sure about ethics, except maybe he doesn’t need my money…

  2. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t displaying his concern for the plight of the African farmer, even though he used that as a cover. There are other alternatives to killing animals that walk through a field.

  3. Everyone is more concerned about the dead elephant and not that fact that those people got to eat something that day. STFU you babies.

  4. IF he was really concerned about the poor farmers plight of a rogue elephant he definitely has enough money to arrange a capture and transfer to an elephant sanctuary. This was an OBVIOUS excuse for him to fulfill a “dream”. Transparently obvious!

  5. I couldn’t even watch more than a few seconds of the video. Even if I thought it was necessary I still don’t see the entertainment in viewing an animal being killed. Just awful…….

  6. Parsons is a trophy hunter, period. He has also been filmed killing a leopard and bragging about it. He filmed himself, posed with the dead body and bragged about it.
    Also many hunters do not kill for food, they kill for fun. They are called trophy hunters. For some odd reason they find joy in sitting on their ass and pulling the trigger on a gun and for some reason think they are triumphant over the clearly more powerful and smart animal on the other end of the gun.

    FACT: The depiction in the video of villagers hacking at the dead elephant is a demeaning narrative of their plight. The presence of hunger in Zimbabwe can be attributed much more to corruption and greed of in-country oligarchs rather than to marauding elephants. Mr. Parsons could have used his considerable influence to call for social justice for Zimbabwe’s poor. THEY DO NOT NEED TO EAT ELEPHANT.

    FACT: the elephant is in danger. They are already poached for ivory.

    FACT: The US is the biggest importer of illegal and endangered animal parts from Africa mainly from trophy hunters like Parsons. Chimpanzee bush meat has recently been found in England. Bush meat is illegal and these animals are endangered.

    FACT: There are alternatives to killing elephants and Parsons if he really cared for the people would help them with this as killing this elephant will do nothing to help them in the future.

    BOTTOM LINE: Parsons is a trophy hunter. A heartless, uncaring, ignorant fool.

  7. Why does a rich westerner have to go all the way to Zimbabwe to “help” them by murdering an Elephant? There are many better solutions to the so called “problem Elephant” than to murder them, especially for someone with the bank account of Bob (Robert?) Parsons! There’s no excuse worth a damn… Bob is just another western trophy hunting asshole. If the people of Zimbabwe are suffering and starving, it’s because of the dictating murderer Robert (Bob) Mugabe, not Elephants! And to all those who actually believe this is necessary, catch a wake up! If your dog or cat happens to run through my garden, shall I shoot it and then post a brag flick about it online?? The idiot also claims that taking out one Bull in a herd makes no difference, but I would like to know then how Bob’s family would feel if we shot him seeing as he’s the Bull(shitter) in his herd too. Do not go daddy. There are other cheap domain registrars out there like namecheap and gvo, and godaddy’s hosting is completely rubbish anyway.

  8. “I’m not even convinced that killing an elephant in Africa is criminal or immoral, it might be.”

    How very ignorant are you.I’m not vegan or an activist but I don’t believe in POACHING. It is illegal – which means it’s a crime if you wasn’t clear on that.

  9. That is disgusting, I am really disturbed by this, this guy is selling it, as if he would have done good. He probably has the head as a trophy hanging on his wall. In Mozambique, so many elephants where slaughtered in the conflict and than on top, this pervert jerk has to satisfy lust to kill on an elephant. Please spread, lets boycott this company. I am going to move all my domains away

  10. I am highly disgusted when I see this atrocity committed against the Elephants. I will make sure my company moves all out domains away from the sick bastard with a sick ego and will spread the word worldwide as hard as possible. How can I spend money on this company that does such disgusting things? Aahhh.

  11. Nice job Bob. Great for the local communites. Puts a value on game for thier protection of a species as a whole. If there is no value on the game the locals will poach out all the elephants in the area. There would be no reason for them to protect thier resources. All the meat is consumed by the communites who get very little protein and the large amount of money spent on this hunt goes directly into the community and puts many people to work. Typically on these PAC (problematic animal control) there is no trophy export avalable.

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