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botox 8-year-old

I Can’t Update My Blog

I can’t sit down to write because I’m totally obsessed with converting my iTunes files to MP3 so that I can share a presentation with all of you.

It’s obnoxious and stupid because I could have spent the last two hours describing to you just how amazing it is to present to a group of really smart adults at UCLA, but instead I’ve spent the last two hours screwing around with files that I don’t particularly care about and attempting to master a tidbit of technology that will be obsolete in a short amount of time.

Today’s post is about time management. I failed.



OMG I can talk to y’all about something. Eight year olds getting Botox for┬ápageants. Can we just arrest all the parents and pageant coordinators now?

I am so tempted to let my leg hairs grow and to toss all my makeup.