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I Can’t Update My Blog

I can’t sit down to write because I’m totally obsessed with converting my iTunes files to MP3 so that I can share a presentation with all of you.

It’s obnoxious and stupid because I could have spent the last two hours describing to you just how amazing it is to present to a group of really smart adults at UCLA, but instead I’ve spent the last two hours screwing around with files that I don’t particularly care about and attempting to master a tidbit of technology that will be obsolete in a short amount of time.

Today’s post is about time management. I failed.



OMG I can talk to y’all about something. Eight year olds getting Botox for pageants. Can we just arrest all the parents and pageant coordinators now?

I am so tempted to let my leg hairs grow and to toss all my makeup.

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Update My Blog”

  1. I’m so outraged… I struggle to even put it into words. I can’t believe this is actually happening. It’s bad enough for this girl to be immersed in an appearance-obsessed world in which she is openly criticized for having lines on her face. But for her mother to validate that criticism and “treat” this non-existent problem with invasive adult cosmetic procedures? This is abuse. It may be fueled by stupidity, rather than malice, but it’s still abuse–both emotional and physical. This girl is trained to believe that she’s not okay as she is, that her appearance is what matters above all else, that “perfection” should be attained at all costs no matter how outlandish and unrealistic and painful those standards and their requirements are. And no, this is not the girl’s choice even if she says it is. If she was getting this level of parental attention and involvement surrounding, say soccer or art, she would be into those worlds instead of this sick one.

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