October is Breast Awareness Month

UPDATE: Just go read this instead.¬†   Every October I rant a bit about how the Susan G Komen Foundation is nothing but a party planning service. In addition to misery directly from the NY Giants (G-Men fix that shit) there’s the misery of pink all over the NFL to raise Breast Awareness. No, they … Read more

Delta Airlines Flight Attendants: Gambling Shakedown

Flying from Jacksonville to Los Angeles meant leaving Florida at 7am to have a 25 minute layover/plane change in Memphis and then a straight shot home. Of course there was about a 5 minute delay getting off the first flight which would not have been a big deal if the other flight wasn’t about a … Read more

Blow Drying My Hair Doesn’t Help Cancer Patients

It’s October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s a good thing to remind women to get their¬†mammograms, to do self examinations and giving money to worthy causes is always good. We need to collectively and individually decide what a cause is and where our dollars are best spent. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness … Read more