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The Cat Fell in the Swimming Pool

Last night we had a fabulous dinner to celebrate Jane’s Birthday. The four of us stumbled into the house, giddy as we were stuffed with delicious Japanese Food and desserts, and we saw this.
wet cat

I could have run upstairs to grab a towel for her. I could have started to clean the floor, but I’m a blogger and I love you guys. So I grabbed my phone and started snapping pictures. Sparky has been eyeballing the vacuum in the pool for a few days now. I’m guessing last night she finally felt like she was in a position to nab it.

Here’s where she missed.

Swimming pool

When we were done giggling, and the kids were tucked in Mr. G. and I just sort looked at each other and started in with the OhMyGawdWhatWouldWeDoIfTheCatDrownedOnHerBirthday talk. And then we were trying to imagine what she looked like in the pool. Then I sat around feeling sad that I didn’t have a video camera running while the cat was flailing in the pool. Because even if I’m a horrible person I’m a very good blogger, and y’all would loved that.

Even though Sparky has stolen my heart. I must say that I love Junior best.