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cell phones

Crossing The Street

Next week there is a birthday party for one of Jane’s friends.  The party is very close to Jamba Juice. Remember Alexander’s big walk to Jamba Juice?

Well, Jane would like to walk to the party, and she’d like to walk there alone. Two other moms are on board, and the girls will be coming to my house after school, and then the trio will walk the eight tenths of a mile to the birthday party, enjoy the party and then walk back home.

One of the moms said, “I’ll just give my daughter my cell phone so they can check in with us.”

I found myself replying with, “Jane has a cell phone, and I’m pretty sure the moms at the party will be happy to check on them too.”

I found myself worrying that instead of teaching our kids to rely on good judgment, and even better social skills (like asking a store owner to please call home), that we’ve taught our kids to rely on texting and electronic leashes.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lovely balance between the two, but I’m not sure exactly where it is. I know this is all dynamic.