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cell phones

Do your kids respond better and faster when you text or call them?

We are a texting family.

As you might recall, Jane got a cellphone for her 11th birthday, and all she really wanted was a QWERTY keyboard. She wanted bright colors too, but mostly she wanted to type. She types quickly, and I find that texting is what works best for our family.

My friend Amy had warned me that texting would be where we were headed, she explained to me that kids didn’t want to stop doing whatever activity they are engaged in to talk to their moms. She also explained to me that kids would reply to text messages because they are short. Naturally, Amy was right.

I don’t often ask Jane to make certain to answer her phone. At thisĀ  moment in time that would be a setup for failure. For some reason it’s just too much for her, but returning a text message is not.

What about you?