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Christopher Stevens

Sometimes a Picture is Worth No Words [Warning: Dead Body]

A man named Latham Doxey posted this on his facebook page this morning.


I’d like to talk about a few things here without getting too preachy so I’ll make a list and y’all can add to it in the comments.

  • Christopher Stevens was a nation builder and a patriot who died at the hands of men who blindly follow an extremist version of an otherwise peaceful faith
  • Christopher Stevens died from smoke inhalation
  • This looks like the way you’d drag someone from a burning building
  • Dennis Scott sounds more like a terrorist than a patriot
  • Obama does not control the media… no really… he’s busy doing other shit

I know it’s an election year and I know that everyone is ravaged with hatred. Less than 24 hours ago a great man died serving his country. This year we have lost countless servicemen to suicide as well as casualties of war. I’m calling on everyone to stop using social media a tool to divide the country.