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Sometimes a Picture is Worth No Words [Warning: Dead Body]

A man named Latham Doxey posted this on his facebook page this morning.


I’d like to talk about a few things here without getting too preachy so I’ll make a list and y’all can add to it in the comments.

  • Christopher Stevens was a nation builder and a patriot who died at the hands of men who blindly follow an extremist version of an otherwise peaceful faith
  • Christopher Stevens died from smoke inhalation
  • This looks like the way you’d drag someone from a burning building
  • Dennis Scott sounds more like a terrorist than a patriot
  • Obama does not control the media… no really… he’s busy doing other shit

I know it’s an election year and I know that everyone is ravaged with hatred. Less than 24 hours ago a great man died serving his country. This year we have lost countless servicemen to suicide as well as casualties of war. I’m calling on everyone to stop using social media a tool to divide the country.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes a Picture is Worth No Words [Warning: Dead Body]”

  1. Yeah I think if you are dragging someone through the streets your phone won’t be in your mouth. It seems to me like it was a quick thing to where to put his phone while he was trying to save someone.

    I hate the media sometimes.

  2. Amen sista…..I still have not decided who to vote for…and every time I see a post bashing the other side…it makes me want to vote for the side being bashed…because the haters can’t see thru their own bullshit!

  3. There’s a tide of ignorance going on that cannot be stopped, won’t be stopped, until propaganda and stupidity are roundly, thoroughly condemned, not just by leaders, but also by the media and perhaps most importantly, by a great majority of people. In the past two decades, ignorance has slowly become an almost “in” thing. We see it today in politics, fake news programs, a slate of reality TV shows and, of course, social media.

    Those agreeing with you, those most likely to heed the warning, would be the rational thinkers. Unfortunately, those are the same ones we need to hear more from, to counteract the Latham Doxey’s.

  4. Go America! Woo-hoo! But only certain Americans, who agree with everything right. I mean, that’s why it’s the Right, right?

    Ugh. Aren’t we all on the same side? And against senseless violence, in general? I hope?

  5. I did a few minutes of research on this and discovered that it was a photo people dragging him to a hospital to try to save him and that the NY times posted the photo and the White House did request that they not show the photo. Forget politics… the whole thing is tragic and sad.

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