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crazy parents

Fur Babies and Frontal Lobotomies

If you have a dog or a cat and you think you are it’s mother please stop reading now. You’re only going to hate me and I can save you some angst.

Recently I’ve noticed quite a few people refer to their pets as fur babies. Although this may endear you to other likeminded folks, it doesn’t make me think you’re particularly sane.

There’s a park near my house. It’s a public park and it is not a dog park. Los Angeles does have a number of dog parks where dogs are permitted (encouraged even) to play off leash. This is just a regular run of the mill park with a sandbox and a play structure next to a large field. It’s a park for people and for families. It’s a place where parents and children might bring their dogs while on a leash.

In recent years folks have begun bringing their dogs here off leash. I love Junior, but I’m pretty sure the world doesn’t. Junior is a dog so when he’s not on my property he needs to be on a leash. With all my arrogance I still understand that Junior is just a dog. Apparently not everyone is so self aware.

idiot dog owner one

idiot dog owner two

dogs are not fur babies they are just dogs

I love how Martie (Echo’s Mom) can’t conceive of why anyone would call animal control to report her dog off leash at the park. I love how an entitled dog owner disregards the fact that there are signs everywhere that say dogs must be on a leash.

Dogs and kids don’t mix. I love my kids, I love my dog. My dog doesn’t belong on a playground and I’m not his mother. I only have two nipples.