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Fur Babies and Frontal Lobotomies

If you have a dog or a cat and you think you are it’s mother please stop reading now. You’re only going to hate me and I can save you some angst.

Recently I’ve noticed quite a few people refer to their pets as fur babies. Although this may endear you to other likeminded folks, it doesn’t make me think you’re particularly sane.

There’s a park near my house. It’s a public park and it is not a dog park. Los Angeles does have a number of dog parks where dogs are permitted (encouraged even) to play off leash. This is just a regular run of the mill park with a sandbox and a play structure next to a large field. It’s a park for people and for families. It’s a place where parents and children might bring their dogs while on a leash.

In recent years folks have begun bringing their dogs here off leash. I love Junior, but I’m pretty sure the world doesn’t. Junior is a dog so when he’s not on my property he needs to be on a leash. With all my arrogance I still understand that Junior is just a dog. Apparently not everyone is so self aware.

idiot dog owner one

idiot dog owner two

dogs are not fur babies they are just dogs

I love how Martie (Echo’s Mom) can’t conceive of why anyone would call animal control to report her dog off leash at the park. I love how an entitled dog owner disregards the fact that there are signs everywhere that say dogs must be on a leash.

Dogs and kids don’t mix. I love my kids, I love my dog. My dog doesn’t belong on a playground and I’m not his mother. I only have two nipples.

8 thoughts on “Fur Babies and Frontal Lobotomies”

  1. May I add that most cities/towns have laws regarding your dog’s poop and require that you clean up after your dog in public places. Also not cleaning makes you a bad person.

  2. Love this…I love my dogs…but they are not people and I recognize that they can be unwelcome around other people’s children both by the parents and the children themselves.
    Pet owners need to be aware of etiquette where their pets are concerned. 

  3. +1 (.

    I love my dog more than family members. (Although I don’t think I’ve ever referred to her as a fur baby. Dogs are not children. You don’t have to pay for college.)

    But I wish dog owners would understand that leash laws protect EVERYONE, including dog owners.  Why everyone thinks they’re a special snowflake who the rules don’t apply to, I have no idea.

    –Crabby Old Lady with a Pit Bull

  4. We have “pocket parks” in my town… They’re small-ish, mostly grassy, out of the way…. and have signs posted that dogs aren’t allowed, on or off leash. I don’t have a problem with the dogs so much as the dog droppings…. because it IS a park that’s geared toward children, and young children. Not nearly everybody is courteous enough to pick up after their dogs, or follow posted signs – apparently. I have a feeling that most feel as entitled as the pet owner above does (notice I didn’t say mother). To me, it’s absurd. 

  5. I’m just gonna speak on behalf of the few of us that DO refer to their pets as their kids but also know WHY there are leash laws. First, I have cats so they’re not exactly out there running around off-leash (and if they were ever on a leash, they’d kill me in my sleep anyway). BUT, leash laws exist for a reason and everything is all fun and games until one dog attacks another dog and owners can’t separate them because there are no leashes – and then a 3rd dog gets attacked, and then a small child who was in the wrong place at the wrong time – just because not every dog likes every other dog. Kinda like us humans. So, be a responsible pet owner and follow the rules. They’re made for a reason.

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