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Digital LA

LA Tech Scene: We Have The Hottest Nerds In the World

I almost can’t write today, my liver is in a state of rebellion, my eyes are glassy and my brain is fried. However, I’ll sit here for a moment and give you a quick recap of Digital LA, where the nerds are beautiful.

The plan was for me to carpool with Kim Prince and meet my husband at Area for a Digital LA event. Long story short, the carpool didn’t work out timewise and I took a swanky Towncar. Guess what the towncar runs on? Compressed Natural Gas! Loved EvoLimo, the driver was lovely, I spoke to the owner on the phone, and if you’re in Los Angeles I would hope that you’d give them a try the next time you need a car service.*

I arrived at Area, waiting in line with everyone, and was immediately greeted by William Marc. He’s sporting a longer, pointier beard, but reliably wearing his black shirt (awesome with the beard) and taking pictures of all.


As promised Nina showed…


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