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LA Tech Scene: We Have The Hottest Nerds In the World

I almost can’t write today, my liver is in a state of rebellion, my eyes are glassy and my brain is fried. However, I’ll sit here for a moment and give you a quick recap of Digital LA, where the nerds are beautiful.

The plan was for me to carpool with Kim Prince and meet my husband at Area for a Digital LA event. Long story short, the carpool didn’t work out timewise and I took a swanky Towncar. Guess what the towncar runs on? Compressed Natural Gas! Loved EvoLimo, the driver was lovely, I spoke to the owner on the phone, and if you’re in Los Angeles I would hope that you’d give them a try the next time you need a car service.*

I arrived at Area, waiting in line with everyone, and was immediately greeted by William Marc. He’s sporting a longer, pointier beard, but reliably wearing his black shirt (awesome with the beard) and taking pictures of all.


As promised Nina showed…


As did Heather Meeker, here we all are


I also have a new boyfriend. Here’s Gib Wallis with me and Charles Miller (left to right). I heard rumors about DirectTv but Charles appears to be playing things close to his vest…

gib-wallis-jessica-gottlieb-charles-millerGib is absolutely hysterical, huggable and lovely; Charles is charming and bright and has 14 neices and nephews, one of whom we are all familiar with already.

Charles Miller and Will Stegemann (in addition to being ridiculously kind) are the duo behind one of Mashable’s Sixteen Great Twitter Moments. Yes folks, I’m outing Charles and Will as the men behind the @DirecTv customer service. Do I have permission to do this? No, but we’ll find out soon if it’s okay.

I also met Marsha Collier who wrote the eBay For Dummies Series, she’s lovely and smart and talented. As a 10+ year eBay seller, trainer, speaker and consultant I’d say that I walked down the path she paved. Thank you Marsha.

Mostly, I drank too much and kissed my husband a lot. It’s fun being married, and a good LA Party… count me in.



Wm Marc Salsberry is the man behind the lens, he’s on Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter. If you see him at an event, that’s how you know it’s an event worth attending. Smile and wave hello.

The first picture is taken by Jim Alden, thanks Jim for letting me share it here.

If you want to know where my dress came from you’ll have to check out the Whrrl Stream or read about my shopping habits at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

*EvoLimo did not compensate me for this post. I love a small business and I love this planet. A small business that’s respectful of their carbon footprint delights me and I want to share that with you.

8 thoughts on “LA Tech Scene: We Have The Hottest Nerds In the World”

  1. 1) You’re a brave soul for shopping at Sears.
    2) Was it the one in North Hollywood? I seem to recognize that fruit cart. If it was, then I’m happy. You gave me back a little piece of home that I hadn’t seen in a long time. :)

  2. 1. I went to Sears in search of grease for the front gate.
    2. It was the one in NoHo and I love the fruit cart.
    3. If you go on a weekend the hot dog lady brings her high school aged daughter who runs the LA Marathon. Her daughter is spectacular and headed for college soon.

  3. Since I’m not yet old enough to drink alcohol, we can enjoy a nice cup of pepinos con limon y chile in the event that I ever run in to you when I’m back in LA. We can discuss the economy, social media, and – of course – this Virgin and Poodle phenomenon that’s sweeping the internet.

  4. I went to Sears recently to buy a pair of six inch extensions for a 3/8 inch socket. Then we ventured into the rest of the mall for Chic Fil A.

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