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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods is a golfer. Yes, he’s a brand spokesperson, and in many ways a celebrity, but Tiger Woods is still just a golfer.

Tiger was on the Mike Douglas Show, showing off his golf swing when he was a two year old. When my children were two they were shitting their pants. Literally.

Tiger Woods was robbed of a typical childhood, and like so many superstars before him, adulthood has proven perilous (Michael Jackson, Danny Bonaduce, Dana Plato, Tatum O’Neal, Corey Feldman… really I could do this for days). What separated Tiger from the the other stars was that he was private. For a short moment we saw Tiger in nightclubs and partying, but it was a quick phase. He started a family and (seemingly) settled down in Florida.

What happens next is truly remarkable. Elin Nordegren beats her husband with a golf club, forcing him to wreck his car (and city property) and (according to tabloids) scratches and scars the man’s face.

I am not condoning cheating on your wife. I can imagine the rage one might feel.

Tiger Woods is an abused man, and Elin Nordegren is a batterer.

Why has no one addressed the fact that Elin Nordegren has beaten her husband? Why is Chris Brown’s legacy that he beat Rihanna and Elin Nordegren’s legacy that she is a victim?

Tiger Woods has asked for privacy, clearly the man is ashamed, but is he ashamed that he broke his marriage vows or is he ashamed that he’s an abused man?

When we give Elin Nordegren a pass on violent felonious behavior we hurt everyone.