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Domestic Violence: Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods is a golfer. Yes, he’s a brand spokesperson, and in many ways a celebrity, but Tiger Woods is still just a golfer.

Tiger was on the Mike Douglas Show, showing off his golf swing when he was a two year old. When my children were two they were shitting their pants. Literally.

Tiger Woods was robbed of a typical childhood, and like so many superstars before him, adulthood has proven perilous (Michael Jackson, Danny Bonaduce, Dana Plato, Tatum O’Neal, Corey Feldman… really I could do this for days). What separated Tiger from the the other stars was that he was private. For a short moment we saw Tiger in nightclubs and partying, but it was a quick phase. He started a family and (seemingly) settled down in Florida.

What happens next is truly remarkable. Elin Nordegren beats her husband with a golf club, forcing him to wreck his car (and city property) and (according to tabloids) scratches and scars the man’s face.

I am not condoning cheating on your wife. I can imagine the rage one might feel.

Tiger Woods is an abused man, and Elin Nordegren is a batterer.

Why has no one addressed the fact that Elin Nordegren has beaten her husband? Why is Chris Brown’s legacy that he beat Rihanna and Elin Nordegren’s legacy that she is a victim?

Tiger Woods has asked for privacy, clearly the man is ashamed, but is he ashamed that he broke his marriage vows or is he ashamed that he’s an abused man?

When we give Elin Nordegren a pass on violent felonious behavior we hurt everyone.

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  1. Why all the HATE? Something bad happens in Tiger’s life and we all are hating on him. It’s wrong to cheat, but do we know what went on in his home?

    Good luck Tiger. Keep it strong!

    1. Really? What if the tables were turned? What if she had cheated on him? Would it be appropriate for him to beat her with a golf club? We spend so much effort telling women that no matter what they do, they do not deserve to be beaten or raped. But when a woman is doing the beating, suddenly it is okay?

  2. Why has no one addressed the fact that Elin Nordegren has beaten her husband? Why is Chris Brown’s legacy that he beat Rihanna and Elin Nordegren’s legacy that she is a victim?

    It is because there is a double standard. Women can hit men and get away with it.

  3. Was there confirmation that she did what you’re saying? My first reaction was outrage that no one was reacting to what appeared to be domestic violence, and then someone pointed me to his denial of any violence from her, and the cops appeared not to do anything. I’d be all over it in a heartbeat if I could find some confirmation of that.

    1. I treated a comment from matchmaker and fellow golfer Jesper Parnevik with suspicion. Without the public knowing much of the details, he offered to an interviewer, paraphrasing: “She should have gone after him with a driver, instead.” So…how did fellow countryman Jesper Parnevik know she’d used something other than a “wood” on Tiger?

      This is disturbing, particularly the behavior and information vaulted and locked by the Florida state police. I can tell with assurance that had this been another of almost every state in the union, the one who attacked with a club–aggravated assault–and who hit paydirt–battery–would be STATUTORILY (e.g., mandated by law) arrested for aggravated assault and battery, which is a serious charge treated as a felony (since the “aggravated” part implies intent to maim or kill).

      I deeply regret and am fearful of this country’s predeliction to apply the law unequally when it suits certain classes of people. I know the legal system is not perfect, but the trend no longer serves as the “exception proving the rule.” It’s BECOME the rule, the expectation.

  4. I’m mostly upset at the circus. I don’t watch tv as much, so I don’t get as attached to these stories. I think regardless what you think of Tiger, his wife & children deserve a little privacy. They are still a family and need to heal. He’s got a baby at home. His wife needs her sanity. This is awful.

  5. No one is addressing it because it was denied by everyone, including the witness to the crash who called it in, if I’m remembering correctly. We can imagine lots of scenarios, but unless someone worth listening to corroborates the accusation from the rags there’s no value at all in pursuing a practical fiction.

    I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t paid much attention to the story, though, so maybe there is someone credible offering up evidence that Tiger’s wife hit him.

    1. I’m with you on this — I haven’t been following the story because, frankly, I don’t have time. However, if a double standard exists it is wrong. Plain and simple. Violence is never a way to deal with an issue. We have so many other options and tools to utilize in a civilized community. That being said – unless we are present, we never know all the details of who did what to whom. Even then, so much is perception. I feel badly for the children involved…they are always the ones who lose.

      1. Interesting comment about the kids being the eternal losers in situations like this. So, I ask you, Your Honor, to whom will you award custody? The womanizer, or the one who loses her temper, weapon in hand? I don’t envy the judges in this case.

  6. Hi,
    I just wrote a post tonight about Tiger and while I didn’t address the issue of domestic violence, I did make it clear that it really is none of our business what is happening in Tiger’s life. And, I do agree with you, most men who are victims of abuse are too embarrassed to speak up. I”m not sure why other than the ego thing but the reality is, if she was chasing him with a golf club and as much as we’ve been told by the media about that is true, then she may have every right to be angry but no one has a right to hit, bite, scratch, claw, etc….even with a golf club.

    1. Doesn’t seem like anyone has been cheated on that has responded. When you have been betrayed for so long and you have a family it is difficult just to say “I’m angry” and turn the other cheek. This kind of hurt goes way deeper than anyone can imagine unless you have lived it which I have. Tiger is a total narcissist and this kind of person can really take away all your confidence and mess with your mind over time but you stay for the sake of your family. I am happily divorced away from my emotional abuser. Emotional abuse of a narcissist is far worse than than getting a few scratches by a wife that is half the size of her husband. Unfortunately the police can’t see the bruises from the emotional abuse. First we need to make it less o.k to cheat society is making it to acceptable.

  7. There is a double standard there shouldn’t be. Men don’t want to come forward and admit that they were beaten by a woman but it happens a lot more than we realize. It’s still a crime but one that goes unpunished because it isn’t reported. If Tiger isn’t going to press charges against her then there isn’t much else to say about it. The victim has to say it was abuse, no one else can make that call.

    1. Lauren, I know–personally–two men who were abused physically, and called the police to report it (it was that bad). Each filled out a complaint, and the cops filed a report, but that was it. No investigation ensued concerning assault and battery charges.

      Eventually, when no one takes you seriously, you stop relying on the system that failed you.

  8. I haven’t seen any evidence or confirmation that Elin hit Tiger. The back windows in his car were broken with a golf club, consistent with someone trying to get him out of the vehicle after he crashed & passed out. (I’m assuming that Escalades automatically lock once they are put into gear…allegedly he’d been seen drinking and also had prescriptions for insomnia and pain killers, which may explain why he was knocked out and snoring on the ground after the accident.) His facial lacerations make sense, considering he wasn’t wearing a seat belt (per the police report) and the air bag didn’t deploy. I’m reluctant to accuse Elin of battery based on the information I’ve seen. Granted, I’m out on the East Coast, so the news coverage may be different than what you’re seeing out on the West Coast.

  9. First, I agree with you completely.

    When I first heard the news, I jokingly told my wife that Elin had gone “Nordic” on him.
    She didn’t think that was funny and I thought it one of better lines in a while.

    Before the swelling (in his lip) had subsided, she had determined Tiger was guilty and, therefore, subject to whatever wrath his scorned woman deemed fair. I think the word “neuter” came out of her clenched mouth. I decided I wanted to keep my car windows in tact, so I dropped the issue.

    Face it, some men and some women have always cheated on their partners. Its not illegal but most in society agree its wrong. Like farting in your seat on planes.

    How that “wronged” party reacts is what society could focus on and might be able to change.

    SNL took a stab at poking fun at her reaction (bent club over head)- not a ratings bonanza.
    I think the skit bombed due to writing and performance- not the subject- but others disagree.

    I salute you for raising the issue.

    IF she struck him in some fashion, it would be his word versus hers.
    Great strides and progress have been made in the area of domestic violence.

    Still, I think our justice system is still skewed toward the small, pretty blonde white woman- even if the black man is Tiger.

    There is little doubt our media as that bias- possible exception; The Golf Channel.

    One might call that racist, sexist or realist but I’d challenge them to follow it up with an example to the contrary. In the world of alleged domestic violence; men are guilty until proven innocent and women are victims unless there are eye-witnesses or video. That built-in bias means little or nothing in high-profile cases but can cause serious problems in the world of regular folks.

  10. I agree with the message of your post. But I must admit I thought the post was going to be about something different. You started out talking about how Tiger was robbed of his childhood. I think that is an important issue too. Kids learn a lot through play in childhood. They learn how to behave appropriately. They learn how to relate to other people. They learn how to use creativity as an outlet. If someone doesn’t have that opportunity, it is very likely they will freak out later in life.

  11. For what it’s worth, Jessica, I agree with you. If she attacked him, she should be prosecuted. This scenario is common. You really need the victim’s cooperation to prosecute the abuser. But personal relations are complicated. The victim is often in love or in some way dependent on the abuser. Very often they don’t want to cooperate with law enforcement.

    I say this as someone who honestly feels sorry for Elin. I am sure she is hurt and humiliated. But this is no different from a husband who finds out his wife is cheating and beats her. The action of the abuser is wrong. We shouldn’t let gender blind us to this issue.

    1. “You really need the victim’s cooperation to prosecute the abuser.” While this is generally true, most states/commonwealths have statutes that require an arrest when certain felonious behaviors are witnessed or suspected. There is enough evidence–broken car windows, scratches and broken teeth (?)–for the police to request a warrant to arrest her on the statutory infractions of (aggravated) assault and battery.

  12. Thanks for addressing this issue. It’s about time someone had the courage to make a blog post on it. You can tell from Tiger’s voicemail to The Grubbs woman that he was ‘terrified’ of his wife. And I think a lot of these transgressions we are hearing about in the ‘Celebrity Gossip’ news are false. Yes, he cheated and admitted to it, but it does not give his spouse the right to threaten and try to kill the man within an ‘inch’ of his life. Tiger needs to pay this woman off, make sure the kids are taken care of and maybe get sole custody of these precious children, get back on the golf course, resume his career, and live his life. Luckily, he is young. He can recover.

  13. You know what they say… Two wrongs don’t make a right. They don’t cancel each other out either.

    What the world needs is a primer for screwed over women (or men) to wreak their revenge sans golf clubs. Annie mentioned a lack of childhood creativity potentially leading to negative behaviors in adults. I couldn’t agree more. I’m getting my daughters to start playacting and storyboarding clever, nonviolent, and LEGAL ways to get back at cheaters. My sons too. The sooner the better. When you think about it, a little creativity goes such a long way. Why resort to chipping your manicure when you can get even without risking arrest?

  14. My sister has an interesting theory. She thinks Tiger and his wife got into it over his MANY transgresions and then he took an Ambien and went to bed. Then he was Ambien sleep walking and tried to drive. His wife was trying to wake him and he crashed the car and she had to break the window to get him out. I’ve known people who have had this problem with ambien, One use to eat the house plants in his sleep and his wife could not wake him.
    Anyway, my sister said when the police showed up Tiger was asleep on the lawn and they took him to the hospital because they couldn’t wake him.
    So my point is maybe she wasn’t beating him. I really am not following this story so I am taking my sisters word for all these details.

  15. Wrong.

    When the victim gives the abuser a pass on violent felonious behavior he or she deprives us the right to make any kind of statement about the abuse whatsoever. “WE” don’t do anything.

    If he’s not talking, and is not willing to do the talking, then the person giving her a pass is him. Now, if she did attack him, and he did report it to the police, and she was prosecuted, and all the evidence pointed to the fact that she beat the mess out of him, and the JURY then acquitted her THEN *WE* (society) give the abuser a pass on violent felonious behavior that hurts everyone.

    I’m not owning that one if the victim is denying that it ever happened.

    That’s the whole downside of the “innocent until proven guilty” principle . . . it works in favor of the guilty AND the innocent . . . not just the innocent. Technically, at this point, she’s not guilty of ANY crime whatsoever.

    And not every assault or battery is felonious.

  16. I didnt realize this is what occured. I have suffered from and speak out against DA Men do suffer in silence more than women. But i do not know if this was an on- going situation, or a one time freak- out, but she should not have struck him. Elin, was not just cheated on in front of 6 billion people, but it’s going on and on…….Porn stars, escorts….family pets… it may never end for her………What’s next?….I wonder…I slept with Tiger, too? T-shirts? xx

  17. Yeah Right you think I am crazy?

    A cheating man deserves this treatment AND MORE. Grow up Tiger. Let’s face it- men cheat because they suffer no consequences.

    Guess what? Here is your consequence Tiger!
    He was running from her in the middle of the night LIKE A COWARD.
    Cuz she was yelling at him about his pig like behavior with NUMEROUS WOMEN?


    Elin did nothing but scare the shit out of him.

    Like he deserved.

    1. A cheating man deserves this treatment AND MORE.

      You’re an idiot who deserves to be beaten for ugly stupid and offensive. Wow, four insults in a sentence and I haven’t even said that I know rocks that are more intelligent than you are.

      Now that we have gotten the ridiculous, stupid and childish insults out of the way I’ll address your comment.

      Let’s face it- men cheat because they suffer no consequences.
      Who says that men don’t face any consequences. What sort of proof do you have that this is so.

      We never know what is going on inside a marriage unless we are a part of it. There is no excuse for the violence. Unless you can prove that she was acting in self defense there is nothing that justifies it.

      He was running from her in the middle of the night LIKE A COWARD.

      What is he supposed to do, just stand there and get his ass kicked. If he defends himself he risks being led away in handcuffs and potential jail time. The reality is that unless there are witnesses that see her beating him he is the wrong gender. Tiger Woods or not, the police will assume that he instigated the violence.

      Cuz she was yelling at him about his pig like behavior with NUMEROUS WOMEN?

      If all she did was yell at him then I would be in agreement. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

      Violence is wrong. There is no excuse for it.

  18. Hey Jessica,

    I have been thinking more about this post. I have noticed something. In Carrie Underwood’s video and song, “Before He Cheats,” the woman takes a Louisville slugger to the guy’s truck. Yesterday, I just saw an ad for a show where this cute girl, in this cute ad, takes a block of concrete to this guy’s car.

    This is abusive and psychotic behavior. We seem to think it’s cute when women are abusive. A woman of dignity and honor doesn’t act this way. I say this as a feminist. We need to get the word out that women need to have more respect for ourselves then to act like crazy bitches when we have been wrong. And we need to have more respect for men too.

  19. Is this for real?

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Tiger. I’m still hoping he gets his shit together. But is this some kind of ploy by his “people” to divert the attention away from him?

    Now let’s say this is all true, it still doesn’t condone his cheating. If his wife is crazy or a felon or whatever, then leave her first.

  20. We all know there are degrees of rage and bad behavior in every relationship. The apparent facts so far are that Tiger had a slew of infidelities and that there was some sort of incident the night he crashed his car. We actually don’t know what the hell happened, right? RIGHT? Lots of theories, lots of people with their opinions, but again… if you weren’t there and didn’t see what happened, why do you think you have it right? (Personally, I agree with the “Tiger on Ambien” story, given the eyewitness account of him snoring on the ground after the crash. And one freak out from a betrayed wife does not qualify as a hard-core “batterer” in my book.)

  21. Did he kick his ball into a better lie? Maybe he took a muligan in the masters? The only things we know for certain is that he was busier than Alex Rodriguez and Tom Brady combined. If he cheated on the golf course we should definitely be appalled. Personally I think he is getting way too much attention for something he did wrong. He’s not Dr Phil, it’s not like he tells people how to live their life. She probably went too far, but got her point across. Both are emotionally wrecked. I don’t think anybody is getting a free pass here.

    (wait for the segue)
    The real crime are the stolen headlines. We are in a full blown war in Afghanistan, we are spending our TARP money because we can, and global warming was a scam?

  22. Jessica, I shed tears after reading your comment here, and believe me, you could never understand the shame that a man feels when he is being abused by the wife. The man knows that the society (including the court system) backs women in all cases of domestic violence, so, he sees no reason to report abuse. Worse still, it is hard for any real man to admit being roughed-up by a woman: other men would laugh at him, and call him weak. So, finding himself in a no-win situation, he suffers in silence, and goes to any length to appease his wife. And I do not mean to t condone Tiger’s infidelity here, especially, because I am a born-again christian.

    You only need to see how that the media’s coverage of the Tiger’s scandal has conveniently focused only on the man’s indiscretion, and not the wife’s violence, to understand the problem that a man faces in society. Tiger’s protection of the wife’s behaviour is typical, because he had no other choice: nobody would listen to him, if he told the truth about the wife’s penchant for violence that has indeed been rumoured long before now.

    In my own case, the abuse was extremely horrible, and I have the scars to prove it, since I am no longer living with the mother of my children. Our children, and I, withnessed the ruthlessness with which she hit me with anything that she could lay hand on, everytime I asked her to stop sleeping around. Her infidently was not necessarily hidden, but I did not want to be a divorcee. So, I stayed and took the abuse. And, believe me, it was not that I could not hit back, as I am bigger and stronger than her, but I was brought up to not beat a woman, no matter what.

    I am sure that one of my children was not by me, and it was the level of violence meted out to me the day that I asked for DNA test of the child that finally caused our neighbours to raise the alarm that ended-up in our divorce. Yet, unto the end, I refused to tell the world that I was a victim of spousal battery. And to add salt to injury, I am an Engineer, professionally. So, nobody would have listened to me. I am mentioning it here because you cannot see my face. You cannot understand the shame that keeps a man from reporting spousal abuse! But, one day, God will find a way to help abused-men to speak-up.

    I condemn domestic violence and infidelity in all their forms.

    If men are encouraged to anonymously reveal the humiliation and abuse that they quietly endure at home, you would be sick to your stomach. Believe me.

    1. When my then-wife tired of verbally and emotionally abusing me, she escalated it to minor physical abuse (pushing/shoving/squeezing) to attempted strangulation with her knee on my chest (while on the floor), and her trembling hands perilously close to my throat. I left within two weeks following that…after having stayed in that toxic relationship for four years “for the children.” I figured I’d do them no good dead, and she’d do them no good in prison (if it ever was allowed to go that far…the state we lived in was pretty lax when it came to applying criminal law to cases of domestic violence where the woman was the abuser).

  23. i was just on a tirade about this. well, a mini one. because, while tiger woods is a schmuck for cheating, and that is emotional abuse. she’s a husband abuser. and no one said a word. poor tiger woods wife? not even close. i have a feeling it’s poor tiger. because, if she had no problems beating him up the way she did, it makes you wonder how long that had been going on.
    really? they were both beyond disgustingly wrong. i kind of feel sorry for tiger though.

  24. Too much. Too much.

    I am sick unto death about this story. Tiger Wood’s infidelity is a family issue and should be handled as such.

    If his wife really took the club to him, it is a matter for locval law enforcement. If it is true that she hit him with the club, she should be charged with assault with a dealy weapon, and domestic battery.

    Now, we know that won’t happen becasue Woods isn’t likely to come out and say “my wife beat me up” because the courts really don’t want to hear that from a man, and because of the shame of getting beaten “by a girl”.

    It would please me immensely if all of this went away.

  25. The tale of the hero who is beaten with his own weapons by his wife is the stuff of folktale and legend, and evokes resonances that are richly loaded – maybe too rich to rationally address. That the media has handled it the way it points to shifts in gender politics and the craven appeal to ressentiment – the emotion of losers – that powers a good deal of media consumption. We are drawing a picture of ourselves, and it ain’t pretty.

  26. I agree 100%. The only reason he could have wrecked is because she threw a golf club through the window and struck him. I believe he was asleep when she attacked him and he was fleeing for his life. She should be arrested if it is proven that there was physical abuse, regardless of what he did.

  27. I totally agree (assuming she did infact beat him) with this post. If the situation where reversed, I would be outraged that a woman cheated and then got beat up for it and wouldn’t find it ok for even a minute. It IS a double standard that needs to change.

  28. Elin isn’t even an “alleged” batterer at this point because no one but she and Tiger really know what happened. But, it she did beat him, that was just as wrong as if he had beat her.

    I think it is being overlooked because of the circumstances and the fact that she is female and our society isn’t comfortable with the idea that women can be violent. However, I broke up plenty of fights between girls when I was a teacher and knew of relationships among the student population where the abuser was female and in those cases the young men were nearly as silent about it as girls are in that situation.

    I don’t think being allegedly abused by his wife excuses Tiger Woods, but unless there are actual allegations from him, witnesses or charges filed against her – this is all speculation of the kind that ruins people’s reputations. We don’t really know what happened and just because the late night talk show hosts joke about it, doesn’t make it a fact.

  29. If the abuse is an allegation by tabloids, it is not even a real issue.

    I will say that if Tiger has that much disrespect for his wife (and that part IS true because he has confessed to a secret lifestyle), then he is lucky to still have her at all. No one deserves a cheater. What he did was not an “indiscretion”, it was living a lie secretly, and he is now reaping what he has sown as he is losing his endorsements and has given up his profession for an undetermined amount of time.

    A lesson people should learn early in life is “you make your bed… you sleep in it” which is basically the principles of the law of sowing and reaping (you do bad… bad happens, and vice versa).

    I guess it’s just sad Tiger did not have better role models, self respects, or trusted advisors that could help him stay on track morally.

    He and his family have my prayers… and they need them.

  30. Elin the Felon.

    Has a nice ring to it, I think.

    I question whether Elin is even a good person for having attacked him in such a vicious manner. I think Tiger’s shame, much like the shame women have for being victims of domestic violence, is illustrated by the fact that he blames himself for her aggrivated assault, blames himself for his abuse, and is not keen on speaking up about it.

    Worse, I’ve seen some commentary that she attacked him in front of his kids – this is going to be hugely problematic for her during custody proceedings. That is, unless Tiger grows a spine.

    What is so telling about all of this is that she re-negotiated a pre-nup to take on a few more million dollars for sticking around in a marriage she clearly does not want. Worlds priciest hooker? I think so. You can’t put blood back into a corpse and call it human.

    Elin has been exposed as a golddigger. But worst of all, she’s getting away with domestic violence.

  31. I’d like to think that I’m usually a sharp guy, but I admit, the thought of this being domestic abuse NEVER crossed my mind. Of course it is so very wrong for anyone to hit anyone else with a golf club (even my 7 yr old could put me in the hospital with one), but the thought never occurred to me. As men, we are programmed at a young age to disregard physical attacks by women as threats, and that programming has (I am guessing based on my lack of reaction) stuck throughout our lives. Also, whenever it does happen in the news, it is portrayed as more a joke than anything (does Lorena Bobbit ring a bell?). I mean, would SNL ever do a Chris Brown beating Rihanna skit? Most likely not. When I was young, I was taught NEVER to hit a girl, no matter what she was inflicting upon me. The corollary message to that is “a girl can’t hurt you, and if she does, you’re a wuss.” Our collective attitude and my ignorance to this demonstrates how deep seeded that message really is.

    1. Some kind of cruel irony, isn’t it, BD? Can’t hit them, but they can hit you and you’re supposed to “take it like a man.” I don’t for one minute doubt that many women–married or cohabitating–use that to their advantage. I’d also like to think that’s the exception. However the more I hear from my buds and stories from “The Darkside (of Romance)” the more I realize that it’s a part of reality–whether we choose to ignore it or to accept it is the determinant between adults and children, savage or civilized.

      An Ultimate Truth: Any woman can trump any man’s strength if she can deftly approach and strike him on the head with that Cuisinart 12″ stainless steel saute pan, or stab him with a Henckels chef knife. Men’s fists may do incredible damage, and sometimes may kill, but the kill probability of something metal and massive or razor-sharp is arguably significantly higher than fists alone.

      It’s all so very pathetic, reflective of some perverse need to control and dominate (a supposed lover/mate/partner). Just more grist for the mill that human beings don’t have a clue what love is, how it manifests itself, or how to recognize it vanishing.

  32. I totally, whole-heartedly agree with Ms. Gottlieb. Why paint Elin as the victim? She was a swimsuit model. She married a star athlete with a fat bank account. What did she expect? Furthermore, she’s in negotiations to earn millions of dollars if she stays with Tiger. (or so I’ve heard) And if he was engaged in multiple years affairs with multiple women, obviously Elin wasn’t making him happy at home.

    Maybe it’s true that Tiger should have divorced her if he wasn’t happy instead of carrying on with other women, but Ms. Nordegren is no victim, and she is certainly no innocent.

  33. If Elin beat him with a golf club, as alleged in the media, than you’re absolutely right. People would think twice before joking about a woman getting knocked around with a golf club by her husband, no matter what she did. There is a double standard when it comes to domestic violence and abuse. Women can treat their spouses like shit, mentally abuse them, or even slap them around and people might ask – well, what did HE do to deserve it? The statistics for abused men are not accurate at all since so many of them do not come forward due to pride and machismo. And, as evidenced by some of the previous comments, there is judgment and stigma attached to an abused man. So sad.

    The issue of abused men is not something that needs to be swept under a rug. It needs to be addressed much more often. Thanks for bringing attention to it, Jessica.

  34. Hallelujah!!!

    Jessica thank you for being a human being here. This is a major issue, and I wish people would see this clearly. It doesn’t matter how sexually deviant Tiger may or may not have been. The fact that a human smacked him in the head with a nine iron is a criminal and low act.

    Tables turned: If tiger did this, he would already be arrested and probably never see his kids again..

    further, no one it talking about the children, and that they live in a house with someone capable of this type of violence…

    i am scared for tiger, the children and the world that thinks this is ok..

    JESSICA.. PLEASE KEEP IT UP.. and get your point of view heard.. i am desperate for this to be a real issue.

    We should note that the Swedish Courts are insanely biased and likely to give both sole custody and, if she just cliams he is violent, take the children away from him..

    WARNING TO TIGER.. do not give permission for the kids to move out of USA.. you will loose more than your children…

  35. Elin Nordegren is clearly a spouse-abuser and husband-batterer.  Violence is completely unacceptable in relationships, regardless of whether the man or woman is the abuser.  Clearly, Elin Nordegren is guilty of domestic violence.  As such, Elin should be fined 100 million dollars (the sum of her divorce settlement) and immediately lose custody of her children.  She should be banned from being around men or children for the rest of her life.  She should be forced to repay her entire divorce settlement as compensation to her abuse victim (Tiger Woods).  Or, at the very least, Elin should be stripped of the money and the money put in a special trust for the children when the children come of age.  Elin should have no legal or custodial rights to the children, lest she abuse them in the same horrible way she abused her loving, wonderful husband.  Say no to violence!

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