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Roman Polanski’s Documentary: A Glimpse Inside the Disturbed Mind of a Child Rapist

The Hollywood Reporter published today a short blurb about Roman Polanski’s life story as told by documentarian Laurent Bouzereau.

Apparently the film was shot while Polanski was under house arrest in Zurich. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the “controversial life story” of Roman Polanski I can sum it up for you in bullet points.

  • Born August 1933
  • Survived the Holocaust in Poland
  • 1962 made his first feature
  • 1968 directed Rosemary’s Baby
  • 1969 pregnant wife Sharon Tate is murdered by Charles Manson
  • 1977 (age 43) arrested and charged with the rape and sodomy of a 13 year old girl involving drugs
  • 1978 fled to France

Of course many of us remember Polanski’s arrest in 2009 for the six outstanding charges in the US.

I’m certain that Polanski has suffered more heartache than most people alive, but I’m equally certain that he’s inflicted more pain than most people alive. I cannot imagine a scenario wherein a 43 year old man mistakes a 13 year old girl for anything but a child.

I cannot imagine another profession that would embrace a child rapist with open arms lavishing him with awards and press.

My big question in all of this is how this documentary will be presented in America. My understanding is that the Son of Sam Laws prevent criminals form profiting from their crimes, and surely this movie would be a fine example of that.


EDIT: Apparently the film received a standing ovation in Zurich. I’m disgusted.