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Polanski: This Post Is Meant To Offend You

Yesterday Roman Polanski was taken from his Swiss jail cell to receive undisclosed medical treatment.

Unlike Whoopi Goldberg, I’m going to refer to him as a rapist. Why? Because he’s been convicted of rape. Ms. Godberg said, “It’s not rape rape…” on The View.

Uh, she’s right. It’s actually worse. At 43 years old he gave a 13 year old child champagne and Quaaludes, got her naked under the guide of submitting her photos to Vogue and then proceeded to rape her both anally and vaginally. If you doubt my words for a single second please see the pages of the Grand Jury investigation here and here. Reading the court documents should make the bile rise in your throat and a rage may build. Good for you.

Before the world feels badly for an old man in poor health, let’s remember who he is. Did he make a good movie, yes? Should it have been made? No. Polanski should have been sitting out his prison term.

I don’t know how old you are, but I’m looking at 40 next spring and what I have in common with a preadolescence child is minimal. We’re both female, that’s about it. In addition to being a rapist, Polanski is a child predator, loathed even by other prisoners.

As the extradiction unfolds, I’d beg you all to look around your neighborhoods, or even within your families and listen to a thirteen year old child speak. Watch her mannerisms and then you tell me if she could stand up to a 43 year old man.

I know Polanski was a holocaust survivor. My family is too, many people close to me were very damaged by that in ways I’ll never comprehend, but they were still basically good people. Don’t let his tragic childhood tear at your heartstrings, he’s still accountable. Don’t let his rheumy eyes and pale skin trick you into thinking he’s a nice old man.

It’s not too long, it’s not too late. Rape isn’t only an ugly man in a dark alley wielding a knife at a pretty girl’s throat. Rape is an adult giving a child narcotics and entering her both vaginally and anally. Someone please tell Whoopie Goldberg what rape is.

“Roman Polanski is a convicted child rapist“. He needs to be brought to justice.

When he finally is it will be a win for mothers and daughters everywhere.

18 thoughts on “Polanski: This Post Is Meant To Offend You”

  1. Roman Polanski should absolutely be punished for the crime for which he was convicted, but was it rape in the sense that we all think of it? The kind that gets you 40 years to life? My understanding was that he pled guilty to the equivalent of statutory rape, and as much as people might want to say that is the same thing, under the law, it’s not. So as much as I might want to get all outraged about Whoopi Goldberg’s words, as far as describing it as not being “rape-rape,” the fact is that the law sets forth different levels of sexual crimes, and what Roman Polanski was convicted of when he entered his plea was not the same offense that could get him 40 years to life in prison, and I do think that is what Whoopi Goldberg was trying to say.

    That doesn’t change the fact that he committed a sexual crime with a minor, regardless of the sweet deal he cut with the prosecutor, particularly not when you consider that he also had a relationship with Nastassja Kinski when she was only 15. Apparently, he likes ’em young. I think Polanski raped that girl, meaning rape-rape, but because of the plea he reached and the fact that neither Polanki nor his victim are talking (after she reached a financial settlement with Polanski), I’m not going to condemn Whoopi for trying (badly) to make that distinction.

    1. Ordinarily, the reason why a distinction is made between statutory rape and rape is because under statutory rape consent is irrelevant as a child’s consent is no consent at all. However in this situation I don’t think you can make that distinction because not only was the victim 13, but she was drugged and even then she didn’t consent.

      But aside from the technicalities and the fact that Polanski was charged with child rape (it’s just called something else) it is completely disgusting and disrespectful to all victims of rape to say that forced sex with a protesting, drugged child isn’t ‘rape-rape’. And the fact that he fled the country so he wouldn’t have to go to jail is hardly an excuse for being more lenient on him now.

      1. Actually, I think he was charged with “actual” rape (long prison sentence rape), and pled to statutory rape, and that the plea was because of the age of the victim and the desire to maintain her privacy. Doesn’t make it right, and I tried to make the point that I believe he raped her. Rape-raped her. It just wasn’t the crime for which he was convicted.

  2. I fail to see why this is being debated. I fail to see why people are defending him….”ooooh he’s an old man. AND he’s a genius!” Big fucking deal. He is a rapist. An old, genius-y rapist.

    Now, the thing I am on the fence about is the issue that has been brought up about forcing women who have survived this sort of crime to testify to bring the violators to justice. Do I think these assholes need to be taken off the streets so it doesn’t happen to anyone else….OF COURSE.

    However, in doing so, you are asking a woman…and sometimes a very young woman/child (though not young in this case) to relive the event. To look it in the face. To open some wounds that may have begun to heal. I have never had anything like this happen to me, so I cannot imagine the pain of having to recount such an event in detail, in front of a courtroom of a bunch of people I don’t know. I just can’t fathom that sort of vulnerability. It’s very hard for me to say that a woman should be forced to do something that violates her sense of control once again.

  3. Fuck ’em and feed ’em to the fish. Like we’d do in Jersey.

    And if this were to be in Texas, my homeland, we’d light him up (or just lethally inject) in a college town. (Huntsville, TX)

  4. Fuck him & feed him to the fish, indeed.

    I wonder how all of Polanski’s defenders would feel if it were THEIR 13 year old daughter…. I hope they lock him up and leave him in the general population.

  5. Thank you. Thank you! We need more voices of common sense like yours, especially in celebrity-crazy southern California. It’s true that Polanski endured tragedy in his life, but being victimized doesn’t give anyone the right to go and victimize someone else. It amazes me that so many people are so vocal in their defense of him — especially when there are so many other, truly worthy causes (e.g., rape crisis centers) that could use their support.

  6. I am not offended. Polanski, and many in his peer group it seems, are trying to play by the rules pre-the advent of child abuse/ and sexual violence against women being thought of as crimes. You might not remember but before the early 1980’s abusing children was considered okay, and sex crimes like rape were routinely dubbed the victim’s fault. Apparently some people long for those wonder years and pretend that what happened then – stays there.

    Have you ever seen a picture of the girl Polanski raped? He and his apologists claim she looked older than 13 but she is clearly a very young teen. There is no way a man wouldn’t have realized that she was not a grown woman capable of giving consent – only she didn’t give consent. He continues to lie and be unrepentant and let’s not just call him out on the rape. He has a history of sexual relationships with young teens. His next relationship after fleeing to France was with a 15 year old. What he did was no accident.

    I hope the man is extradited and that his supporters are vilified along with him.

  7. I don’t know the facts of the case, but if it’s as bad as you say, then that is appalling. The only fact that is relevant now is that he accepted a plea agreement from the prosecutors and plead guilty to statutory rape. Whether he got screwed on trumped up charges for something that was blown way out of proportion, or arranged the deal of the century to get off lightly is irrelevant. He plead guilty and then jumped bail. There is only one possible outcome if we as a society still want to claim that justice has any meaning. Polanski has to serve his sentence with additional time and/or fines tacked on for fleeing, and should do so regardless of the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the idiots in Hollywood.

  8. Why do we have this double standard for celebrities in our society? So he was talented! Great! He committed a crime. He should be punished. My heart goes out to the girl and her family. How long have they waited for justice? A LONG time… and now to add insult to injury, it’s not for sure? HE’S the one getting support in the media? It’s sickening. Yes. It will be a great victory for all parents and kids once this selfish, raping, elitist pig is wiped from our society. Not that it’s perfect, but that’s why it’s called the Justice System.

    This had better happen.

    Who the hell is Whoppi anyway? Gawwwd!

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