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Roman Polansky

Polanski: This Post Is Meant To Offend You

Yesterday Roman Polanski was taken from his Swiss jail cell to receive undisclosed medical treatment.

Unlike Whoopi Goldberg, I’m going to refer to him as a rapist. Why? Because he’s been convicted of rape. Ms. Godberg said, “It’s not rape rape…” on The View.

Uh, she’s right. It’s actually worse. At 43 years old he gave a 13 year old child champagne and Quaaludes, got her naked under the guide of submitting her photos to Vogue and then proceeded to rape her both anally and vaginally. If you doubt my words for a single second please see the pages of the Grand Jury investigation here and here. Reading the court documents should make the bile rise in your throat and a rage may build. Good for you.

Before the world feels badly for an old man in poor health, let’s remember who he is. Did he make a good movie, yes? Should it have been made? No. Polanski should have been sitting out his prison term.

I don’t know how old you are, but I’m looking at 40 next spring and what I have in common with a preadolescence child is minimal. We’re both female, that’s about it. In addition to being a rapist, Polanski is a child predator, loathed even by other prisoners.

As the extradiction unfolds, I’d beg you all to look around your neighborhoods, or even within your families and listen to a thirteen year old child speak. Watch her mannerisms and then you tell me if she could stand up to a 43 year old man.

I know Polanski was a holocaust survivor. My family is too, many people close to me were very damaged by that in ways I’ll never comprehend, but they were still basically good people. Don’t let his tragic childhood tear at your heartstrings, he’s still accountable. Don’t let his rheumy eyes and pale skin trick you into thinking he’s a nice old man.

It’s not too long, it’s not too late. Rape isn’t only an ugly man in a dark alley wielding a knife at a pretty girl’s throat. Rape is an adult giving a child narcotics and entering her both vaginally and anally. Someone please tell Whoopie Goldberg what rape is.

“Roman Polanski is a convicted child rapist“. He needs to be brought to justice.

When he finally is it will be a win for mothers and daughters everywhere.