Mother Earth Can Kiss My Ass: Integrity Blows

For those of you unfamiliar with Little League, the season is over. We are now involved in what is known as “Fall Ball”. I don’t typically say “we” when it comes to children’s sports, but I assure you “we” are involved in fall ball. The kids play for a couple of hours each Sunday and … Read more

Sometimes My Train of Thought Hits A Bump In The Road

My family loves sports. My husband loves Major League Baseball, as do my children. I love my family. Recently we were at a Dodger Game and I noticed something. I really am impressed by it, and if anyone from Major League Baseball would care to let me know, I’d be thrilled. I also have some … Read more

No Espeake the English: Y Tambiem mi Espanol is terrible

Mid day Friday I borrowed Mom and Doc’s* urban assault vehicle truck so that I could buy an outdoor shed. I located exactly the shed I’d wanted on Craigslist and popped an email out to Gladys (the lady who listed it for sale). The emails were brief and to the point. At the appointed hour, … Read more