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iphone So You Can Sleep Through Black Friday (now called

Remember when I said that we spent November 10th shopping? Remember when I told you my Mom hates shopping? Well, my mom hates shopping less when the folks from hand her a little envelope of cash.

So basically with the Savvy app (or website) you take the items that you want and put them on a “want” list. This is good for people who aren’t me. If you’re me, you take the items you want and put them in your home. I have little use for delayed gratification and my husband will be pleased to know that there are only a few things that I actually want.

Now, if you’re me the “want” list is short but the shopping list is long. I don’t shop sales because my experience tells me that by the time things are on sale I’ve either decided I don’t want or need them or they are sold out of my size.

This is where Savvy comes in.

Most retailers will honor price changes within 10-14 days. Most consumers do not walk around with a pocket full of receipts looking for cash back on a price adjustment. Savvy shoppers do and now steps in to make people like me appear to be savvy shoppers.

Basically, you enter your receipt (just snap an iPhone picture) and then savvy saves your items. When prices drop sends you an email. You can just pop back into the store and get your money.

So yeah, you can go shopping all week before the stores look like a tornado hit them and then leisurely drop in at J Crew in 12 days and get the price adjustment. It’s really smart.


Any good startup is only as good as its executive team. The folks who were at the event were telling us about their lead engineer who grew up in a really tough part of Los Angeles and overcame odds that were stacked against him. Maybe the mimosas made us more receptive to the message, but combining that with the fact that the marketing manager seems to truly admire his wife… well, Mom and I were smitten.

It’s in beta, so if you need your technology to work perfectly at every turn this is not the app for you. If you’re excited about new ideas, getting sale prices without having to shop sales, and supporting new business models then this is for you.

And really, the folks at gave my mom a really great birthday, and that just tickles me.

Savvy is available in the iTunes store and coming soon to the Android market.

UPDATE April 20, 2012: The app is the same (actually it’s a heck of a lot better) and it’s now called eyeona… you know like Eye On A… as in “I have my eye on a new belt.” Check it out at