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Marielle Carroccio

Marielle Carroccio: ‘Scuse me Sir, Can You Spare a Kidney?

See this 15 year old girl?

If she doesn’t get a kidney soon she will die.

Her mother can be found here.

If you are interested in being a kidney donor here’s the information, Marielle is currently at New York Presbyterian (again, go to the Domestic Diva for more info) and is awaiting a transplant. They believe they might have located a transplant.

Might isn’t really enough though.

At this moment Lisa and Marielle are waging the fight of their lives. Marielle for her own life, and Lisa for the light of her life. If ever our ability to connect to one another could change things, today is the day.

1 in 50 will match Marielle.

If you’ve never held your child and silently prayed to stop loving them, should they die, I promise you it’s a prayer never answered and a terror unlike any other.

Check out what Amy has to say.

Update: A donor has been found and the hospital was blown away by your responses.