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Marielle Carroccio: ‘Scuse me Sir, Can You Spare a Kidney?

See this 15 year old girl?

If she doesn’t get a kidney soon she will die.

Her mother can be found here.

If you are interested in being a kidney donor here’s the information, Marielle is currently at New York Presbyterian (again, go to the Domestic Diva for more info) and is awaiting a transplant. They believe they might have located a transplant.

Might isn’t really enough though.

At this moment Lisa and Marielle are waging the fight of their lives. Marielle for her own life, and Lisa for the light of her life. If ever our ability to connect to one another could change things, today is the day.

1 in 50 will match Marielle.

If you’ve never held your child and silently prayed to stop loving them, should they die, I promise you it’s a prayer never answered and a terror unlike any other.

Check out what Amy has to say.

Update: A donor has been found and the hospital was blown away by your responses.

5 thoughts on “Marielle Carroccio: ‘Scuse me Sir, Can You Spare a Kidney?”

  1. Hey Jessica, I saw you twitter about this along with a couple other people I follow on twitter. After reading Lisa’s blog I filled out the donor questionnare form. I mentioned their situation to my husband and before I could even say that there was a donor questionnaire my husband asked if it was possible to apply to be a donor. After what we just recently experienced with our newborn daughter, and the loses I have experienced in my life, I cannot help but wish to help this family. I really hope that all turns out well for them.

  2. I saw this on the Twitter as well and it absolutely breaks my heart. I cried. I’ll admit it. I don’t know what I’d do if this ever happened to my son. I just have to hope it doesn’t, and continue to wish for good karma for Marielle…

  3. It is truly a shame that Lisa, the mother, (and the father holds the blame as well) failed to let the Carroccio family know the needs of their little girl. It seems Lisa’s interest lies solely in “visibility” (as a “Diva”) with unknown people rather than recognizing how valuable family/blood relatives are, on a daily basis as well as in time of need.

    To retrieve this information online rather than from the family is truly disgusting. Shame on you Mrs. Diva – Lisa. Life is not about you, life is the real meaning of family.

    The serious condition of Marielle’s illness was hidden from the immediate family. The Carroccio’s boast a large brood and I’m sure someone would be a qualified donor !

    My heart goes out to Marielle. The Carroccio grandparents as well as other family members love her dearly and are withheld from her total life. Our prayers and hearts lie with Marielle. We all love you sweetie – even though the “Diva” won’t acknowledge it. Marielle truly deserves much better ! The Diva needs to spend more of her time with her two children and family – including in-laws – and less time blogging.

    Was the father tested for compatability?

  4. This is FABULOUS! I have a son who will need a transplant. He was born with kidney failure and it is just a matter of time before he is put on the list. We are hoping that either myself or his dad is a match, but the tests are only good for 6 months so, we wait.

    I am so glad they found a donor. A kidney procedure is relatively minor for the donor!


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