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Marilyn Brant Chandler DeYoung

They Call It Population Stabilization

I ran across this video today and it has me frothing at the mouth.

Here is the Board of Directors:

Diana Hull has created a video too. I really don’t know how to describe her without saying terrible things. Since I’ve been on the receiving end of people saying they detest me, I’m going to choose my words carefully.

I have nothing to say. Diana Hull is the angriest, most hateful PhD I’ve seen in a very long time.

This is hard to watch, but I’d like you to watch and listen intently.

If CAPS endorses a candidate, bill or measure, I would urge you, my readers to mobilize against it. I’m not going to do a political dance here, but I know who my readers are. My readers are kind and my readers are humanitarians. If immigration creates such a financial burden then let’s look at our finances. No one “owns” California. This notion that Diana Hull and her cronies have some sort of ownership of this great state is absolutely revolting.

Also on the board are:

Ben Zuckerman, Ph.D.
Randy A. Alcorn
Stuart H. Hurlbert, Ph.D.
Phoebe Cowles
Marilyn Brant Chandler DeYoung
Otis L. Graham, Jr., Ph.D.
Dick Schneider
Eddie Tabash, J.D.

My greatest hope is that as you see these people in their personal and professional lives, you hold them accountable. You to explain to these environmentalists, lawyers and historians that they are spreading messages of hate.

My hope is that they will one day be ashamed of their fear mongering and isolationism. My hope is that at least one of them come forward hat in hand and says, “I’m sorrry, that was offensive and it is junk science.”

Until then, understand that though these are educated people they are lacking in both wisdom and compassion. I’ll be watching them, and working hard to shine a light on the subtext of their message. Their very white message.