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They Call It Population Stabilization

I ran across this video today and it has me frothing at the mouth.

Here is the Board of Directors:

Diana Hull has created a video too. I really don’t know how to describe her without saying terrible things. Since I’ve been on the receiving end of people saying they detest me, I’m going to choose my words carefully.

I have nothing to say. Diana Hull is the angriest, most hateful PhD I’ve seen in a very long time.

This is hard to watch, but I’d like you to watch and listen intently.

If CAPS endorses a candidate, bill or measure, I would urge you, my readers to mobilize against it. I’m not going to do a political dance here, but I know who my readers are. My readers are kind and my readers are humanitarians. If immigration creates such a financial burden then let’s look at our finances. No one “owns” California. This notion that Diana Hull and her cronies have some sort of ownership of this great state is absolutely revolting.

Also on the board are:

Ben Zuckerman, Ph.D.
Randy A. Alcorn
Stuart H. Hurlbert, Ph.D.
Phoebe Cowles
Marilyn Brant Chandler DeYoung
Otis L. Graham, Jr., Ph.D.
Dick Schneider
Eddie Tabash, J.D.

My greatest hope is that as you see these people in their personal and professional lives, you hold them accountable. You to explain to these environmentalists, lawyers and historians that they are spreading messages of hate.

My hope is that they will one day be ashamed of their fear mongering and isolationism. My hope is that at least one of them come forward hat in hand and says, “I’m sorrry, that was offensive and it is junk science.”

Until then, understand that though these are educated people they are lacking in both wisdom and compassion. I’ll be watching them, and working hard to shine a light on the subtext of their message. Their very white message.

11 thoughts on “They Call It Population Stabilization”

  1. I only watched the first video. I do NOT have 10 minutes to waste listening to this nonsense, but let’s look at that statistic used in the first video: immigrants use 4 times more energy here than they do in their “home country.” Okay, let’s just think for about two seconds here why that is. Because we actually HAVE energy here!! Some of these immigrants come from places where running water is considered a luxury! They come from places where they don’t necessarily have a roof over their head, let alone a stove. (This is a large generalization I know, but fitting to consider wherever they got that number from in the first place!)
    P.S. Jessica, they may just take away your membership to the GOP for this post :)

  2. I think that Orly Taitz is her lawyer, her dentist and her personal investigator.

    They would probably be best friends save for the fact that Ms./Dr./Esquire Taitz is herself an immigrant.

  3. Okay, I have to say I’m a bit peeved that you would even post this!

    It’s been about an hour I think since I first watched the videos and after I left here I started doing some more research.

    I am ill – my stomach is in knots and I can’t stop thinking about this filth.

    To use the environment as a vehicle to deliver a message of hate is deplorable.

    I spent a little time on their website and I truly believe that this is just a modern version of the beliefs of the KKK and the eugenics “movement”. I know that this might sound a bit hyperbolic, but it’s the same principles of assimilation, drain on culture, drain on the economy, education, etc… It’s all the same but this new modern version is a bit more insidious because the message is more subtle and hidden behind other issues.

  4. The immigration issue is a particularly thorny problem. Many people suggest that these people do work that no one else will do. I am not sure that it is entirely accurate.

    Businesses encourage undocumented workers to come here so that they can pay them lower wages and offer goods/services at lower prices.

    Several years ago I worked for a firm that did residential and commercial construction. The company and its competitors made a point of looking for employees who didn’t have “papers.” They worked hard and for as many or more hours as everyone else, but they made less.

    Construction isn’t the only business benefiting from their services either.

    If they didn’t have the ability to exploit these people they would be forced to pay more to their workers and you’d find more people to fill those roles.

    A different example:

    When I went to get my flu shot the line was filled with a number of people who weren’t here legally. I know this because the guy in front of me was giving instructions to some others as to what they were supposed to say if anyone asked questions. I can’t tell you how many there were, if it was one or 100.

    I don’t begrudge them healthcare or a better life, but I won’t lie and say that I don’t sometimes wonder at what expense this comes.

    The system is broken and it needs to be fixed. The question is how to do it.

  5. Thanks for letting me know about this. Population growth is by far the greatest threat to the environment and the leading cause of loss of biodiversity. I’m so glad that there are groups like Californians for Population Stabilization that are working to stop overpopulation and overimmigration.

  6. Revolting, hateful, racist? What in these videos justifies that b.s.? Where does Hull claim that she and her buddies “own” California? Perhaps you have an overactive imagination?

    Why did you not put up the entire video of Hull – it stops in mid-message.

    Why don’t you tell us how many people you want in California or the U.S.? And present a logical argument in favor of your preference? Do you want to go from 37 to 60 million people? Why Do you think things will be better in our state after we add the equivalent of 5 more Los Angeleses?

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