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middle school

Middle School

The kids just finished middle school orientation and now I’m disoriented. Alexander has a locker and tomorrow he’ll be wearing green and¬†khaki¬†instead of the blue and white of lower school. I drop the kids off and pick them up in a different part of the school. It’s all different and exciting.

Alexander went from having longer hair to a very short cut that actually requires a bit of wax for styling. Some of the kids didn’t recognize him. Jane said that all the boys came back to school taller than she is (Jane is 5’6″ like me) and their voices are low, “They’re so weird.” She added.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings. I love that the return to school is joyful for them and in the spirit of appreciating that they’re maturing I let the kids see this video. Go ahead, judge me, you’ll have fun.