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Middle School

The kids just finished middle school orientation and now I’m disoriented. Alexander has a locker and tomorrow he’ll be wearing green and¬†khaki¬†instead of the blue and white of lower school. I drop the kids off and pick them up in a different part of the school. It’s all different and exciting.

Alexander went from having longer hair to a very short cut that actually requires a bit of wax for styling. Some of the kids didn’t recognize him. Jane said that all the boys came back to school taller than she is (Jane is 5’6″ like me) and their voices are low, “They’re so weird.” She added.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings. I love that the return to school is joyful for them and in the spirit of appreciating that they’re maturing I let the kids see this video. Go ahead, judge me, you’ll have fun.

1 thought on “Middle School”

  1. My daughter started school on the 8th. She’s in second grade now and so big! I look at the new 1st grade class her old teacher has this year and think “Was my baby really that small last year??” I think she may have grown about 4 inches over the summer.

    I’m not looking forward to middle school or high school. I just can’t think that far ahead. Kids grow up way to fast in this world as it is, I don’t need it to be helped in any way. LOL

    That video was funny. Todd Akin is a fucking idiot. I WISH it was true that a raped woman won’t get pregnant. I PRAYED for it not to be true in my case. I was fourteen years old and pregnant from a date rape. I was scared and ashamed. And young. Far too young to be deciding to get an abortion. But I had to. I had no choice. My choices were violently ripped away the day my boyfriend raped me.

    Congressman Akin can kiss my white, Irish ass.

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