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This is EXACTLY how the conversation went:

ME: Sweetie can you set up this camera for me?

[and I hand him a pink video camera that’s about the size of a pack of cigarettes]

HUSBAND: This is a camera?

ME: Yes, here’s a tripod for it too.

[and I hand him a lego-y looking device]

HUSBAND: This isn’t a tripod.

ME: Yes it is, see. [and then I wiggle it around a little]

HUSBAND: Okay sit over there.

ME: Do my arms look wiggly? Do you have just my face? Is the dog in the frame?

HUSBAND: [silent, staring at the ceiling, but mouthing the words one, two, three…]

ME: Do you think the lighting is okay? Will you stay with me? Will you talk to me and interview me? Do you think that I should do this tomorrow? What about my hair? Honey, it’s just a little vlog, no one will really see it anyhow, are you sure you know what you’re doing?

And then he left the room. Maybe he went to go check on the kids?