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While Mr. G was at the Office I Brainwashed Our Son

At 8.45 last night I plunked myself down on the family room sofa and sort of pointed at the Chinese takeout. “Feed yourselves. I’m pooped.” Oh, and then I sipped a little Pinot while snuggling the dog.

Mr. G grinned at me and wondered aloud why I was so tired and he was still chugging along. He mentioned something about leaving the house while we were all still sleeping and Alexander chimed in.

“Mom doesn’t just sit and type you know. She types in the morning and then she makes us food and gets our clothes and buys us things and makes dinner and today she drove us everywhere. Mom works harder than anyone.” He was petting the cat and smiling at me, like we won something.

Not exactly everywhere but that boy might just get an extra allowance this week.

“Do you think I sit and type all day?” Mr. G asked.

“Well on the days you make TV you might work harder than mommy but only on those days. When you’re in the office typing with your friends I don’t think it’s harder.”

“What did mommy do today?” Mr. G asked.

“Well I  brought your children to school and then went to the drycleaner. I came home and tidied the house and then had a conference call about this thing that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet, and then I wrote for a few minutes and then I had a call with Momversation and how I might make videos with them again. And then I had to go to the gym. I picked up Alexander from school and brought him home for a snack and washed my face and some of the funk off. Then we got back in the car and picked Jane up because her school volleyball practice was over. We went to Panera and the kids got sandwiches while I grabbed a jalapeno bagel. Panera is for goyim. Then we went to Sprint to get new phones but we were too close to 6 so we just reserved them for a pickup tomorrow. I dropped Jane off for her club volleyball practice, picked up the dry-cleaning, looked at the refrigerator and grimaced. I decided to order Chin Chin and ran out to pick it up while Alexander luxuriated with Minecraft. I ran home from Chin Chin at 8.30 because I didn’t want to wait for Jane’s volleyball to end at 8.45 and give you guys cold fried rice. Of course when I was around the corner from volleyball at 8.40 I got a call from Jane checking on when I’d be there because it ended at 8.30 and of course Chin Chin is just around the corner from Volleyball. That’s what I did.” I’m pretty sure I only exhaled twice while talking.

“How was the gym?” Mr. G smirked.

“It was WORK. I’m blogging about it! I even made a video, well I made the video with my iphone but it’s still a good video.” And he’s looking at me funny now so I decide to take my poodle, my wine and my nook and to head upstairs for a hot bath.

Oh, and here’s the video. You know you want to see the man who has been torturing training me.

We got Alexander to bed and Mr. G came into the bathroom to chat with me while I soaked. We had a good giggle… I’ve got that boy fooled. Anyone who thinks that hanging out with these two kids all afternoon is work… well, they’re just wrong.