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Mr Lady

Remember the Abercrombie Push up Bikini Top?

This is such a great discussion, and frankly I could use everyone’s help. The girls are all wearing bras and when I roam the aisles at department stores I am unable to find a small sized bra that isn’t padded in some way. Fortunately Abercrombie has the good sense to stop marketing their girl’s bikini tops as “push up“.

Those “molded cups” that’s padding, and it’s insanity to call it anything else. Those bras make the girls look larger and can’t possibly be comfortable. There’s also this ludicrous argument that the thicker bras keep girl’s nipples from showing. Young women don’t have that issue the way adult women do. I won’t go into complete details because this post comes dangerously close to being a pedo heaven, but they don’t.

In any event, ShannonJanice and I talk about putting our daughters in bikinis. Janice and I don’t see eye to eye at all.