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Remember the Abercrombie Push up Bikini Top?

This is such a great discussion, and frankly I could use everyone’s help. The girls are all wearing bras and when I roam the aisles at department stores I am unable to find a small sized bra that isn’t padded in some way. Fortunately Abercrombie has the good sense to stop marketing their girl’s bikini tops as “push up“.

Those “molded cups” that’s padding, and it’s insanity to call it anything else. Those bras make the girls look larger and can’t possibly be comfortable. There’s also this ludicrous argument that the thicker bras keep girl’s nipples from showing. Young women don’t have that issue the way adult women do. I won’t go into complete details because this post comes dangerously close to being a pedo heaven, but they don’t.

In any event, ShannonJanice and I talk about putting our daughters in bikinis. Janice and I don’t see eye to eye at all.

11 thoughts on “Remember the Abercrombie Push up Bikini Top?”

  1. Dude, I have a tough time finding a WOMEN’S bra that isn’t padded in some way. I have more boobs than I will ever know what to do with, and if I push them up, I choke to death and die.

    Someday, I would like women to be allowed to just rock our bodies as is.

  2. When my daughters are 18, they can wear whatever they want. Until then, there are no bikinis or padded bras going to be on them. My one itty bitty breaking of that rule was when I bought my 2 year old a bikini. But, it’s in no way sexy. I found it in the online Disney store and it’s just a simple mini mouse bikini with a ruffled bottom and a top cut like a thick strapped sports bra … and it’s only for our backyard. When we go to public swimming place, the girls wear one pieces. I can live with being a prudish mom.

  3. I’ve bought my girls bikinis and then felt completely awful about it afterwards. My more recent purchases have been 1 pieces or tankini-type tops where it covers MUCH more than bikinis do.

  4. I saw push-up bras at Target in the junior section and found it really disturbing. The display sign showed a push-up wearing girl who looked to be in her very early teens.

    1. I was walking through with my husband the other day…picking up socks for my 7 yr old, maybe.  They had 2 styles of bra – PADDED…even some with lace…And what looked like a cropped spaghetti-strap tank top.  I showed my husband…B/c I *needed* a bra when I was 9 or 10.  My mom found very small women’s sports bras for me to wear…When I was 11.  I felt my mom waited too long to address it…but anyway…TO me, this means my daughter might need a bra when she’s 9 or 10…And our options will be a glorified undershirt or Victoria Secret Junior.  It’s gross.

  5. Molded bras don’t necessarily add volume. I wear a molded bra for two reasons: to shape my saggy mom boobs, and to hide pointy nipples. Young girls may not have as much of a problem as grown women do with either one of those things, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have those issues at all.

  6. Here in the States, my six-year-old daughter wears a tankini, and only because she has such a long torso that I figure a tankini is better than a one piece that goes up and shows off her butt!  In Brazil, she wears a bikini.  I don’t think they even sell one piece suits there.  For me, it’s most definitely a culutral issue.  I don’t mind my daughter exposing more of her skin in a culture where people don’t bat an eyelash at seeing skin.  I think they’d walk around naked if they could!  But here, showing skin has a much more sexually charged connotation.

  7. My daughter is 3, and has yet to wear a bikini. I don’t see any real need for that. That being said, I may grab a tankini or 2 when she’s more interested in potty training, purely for practical purposes. But for now, one pieces it is.

    As far as the molded/push up bra debate…. I’ve never given it much thought for myself. I buy what’s comfortable for myself. Push-up isn’t. Molded is. Finding a bra in my size (that isn’t exorbitantly expensive) is tough, so I do what fits and is comfortable without much thinking about anybody’s pleasure but MINE…because at the end of the day, I have to haul these breasts around. If the bra makes the sweater look good… bonus!

    Now, whether I’ll let my preteen wear one when we get to that point? So far, she has many sensitivities when it comes to comfort as well… so I have a feeling we’re going to have our work cut out for us without worrying too much if she wears one type or another.

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