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Notabli (Wisely) Launches on Data Privacy Day

January 28 is Data Privacy Day and it’s a day that most bloggers ignore because we’re all so busy over sharing our lives that I’m not sure that any of us would even know what to do. I don’t. Know I mean… It’s just sort of ingrained in me that if a picture, video or text is sent on my iPhone it’s meant to be shared. That’s become my work device and my work doesn’t include a whole lot of privacy.

Not eveyone is a blogger. Not every parent is an oversharer. Well, almost every parent starts out an oversharer and then they end up seeing themselves (figuratively) on the pages of STFU Parents and realize they need to get their act together and stop boring their single or distant friends with baby pictures, videos and notes.

If you want to bore anyone with baby pictures, videos and notes please make it me. They alternately delight me because your kids are cute and tiny or delight me that mine aren’t (I promise everyone will sleep soon, tie their own shoes and wipe their own bottoms).

notabli logo

In any event friends of mine have launched Notabli. I’ve been playing with it while it’s in private beta and it’s a beautiful way for parents to share their children’s moments in a protected environment. You know those pictures that will bring them shame later on? Sharing them on Notabli is a MUCH better idea than sharing them on Facebook. Since the default is privacy it’s the perfect app for sleep deprived parents who shouldn’t have to don’t want to keep checking on facebook’s changing privacy policies.

In the week that I’ve been playing with Notabli I’ve seen videos of kids dancing on coffee tables in diapers, I’ve listened to them talk about their dreams without video (just audio), I’ve read love notes from parents to children and a rant or two about sleeplessness and messes.

letter to a baby

It’s sort of like a tumblr that you can share with your closest friends and family. The interesting thing is that folks subscribe to the child and not to the parents. This way parents  can both update the child’s stream together.

I don’t know all the founders but I met Jackson Latka when he was just learning to read and as the child of an artist surrounded by Aunts and Uncles who were, by trade, artists I’m not surprised to see that the design is stunning. It’s minimalist without being absent and the eye is always drawn to what it’s intended… the child. I can’t help but support a friend when they have a dream and a solution for other parents.

If respecting boundaries is the new black Notabli just might be the new mom blog.