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Radio City Music Hall

Oprah’s LifeClass Continues… New York City

I’m in the Rockette’s dressing room surrounded by hot lights. They’re kind to Rockettes and their makeup but not as kind to my computer and equipment.

Backstage at Radio City Music Hall is a wild place. The hallways are tiny, like an afterthought really. It’s an hold building and much like the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis the building is rich with history.

Thus far we’ve interviewed Deepak Chopra, toured the building and I’m waiting to meet with Tony Robbins. Deepak was unbelievably humble and I found it to be refreshing. When we asked him how he wrote so many books he said he was, “Obsessive compulsive and Neurotic”. I have zero expectations of Tony Robbins, because I’ve never really seen any of what he does.

I know you’ll enjoy the Deepak Chopra interview… hopefully I’ll have great video of Tony Robbins soon too.

The next Lifeclass begins shortly. I feel like Margaret Meade.

3 26 2012 St Louis Lifeclass - B Show