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St. Louis and Oprah’s Lifeclass

Oprah's Life Class St. Louis Peabody Opera House

Getting here was predictably miserable. After a three hour delay at DIA we were loaded into a puddle jumper to make the short trek to St. Louis. We sat a few moments and then deplaned because it had “no emergency landing gear”.

Having been in a plane once where we were asked to take the crash position I was happy to make that make that move.

We missed the day’s rehearsals but I reminded myself that I’ll have full access to rehearsals in New York City and Toronto. The set is impressive and the staff is excited. It’s really interesting to watch people work on a show that they truly believe in. I’ve been on many sets, this is different.

I’m running out for breakfast with Iyanla Vanzan in a few minutes and I don’t know a whole lot about her but she seems incredibly intuitiive and I’m looking forward to spending time with her.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I have some reservation about meeting T.D. Jakes. My knee jerk reaction is to be very unimpressed by mega churches and their leaders but some of the staff here have whispered to me that they have the same reservations but really enjoy T.D. Jakes as well as Joel Osteen because of their messages.

Since this is one of the strangest days of my life I’m going to do my best to update after each of the shows that are taped today (I think the TD Jakes show will be live on the internet and on OWN)

7 thoughts on “St. Louis and Oprah’s Lifeclass”

  1. I’m so envious! I’d love to have a meet and greet w/Iyanla.  I used to watch a show that she was on and she was really inspiring and engaging.  About T.D. Jakes – that will be really interesting. I’m waiting for updates!!!

  2. Joel Osteen is a sheister. He says he’s Christian, but never went to seminary school and teaches a “wealth doctrine” that is not the Word of God. Bishop T.D. Jakes does adhere more to the Bible, but again, he doesn’t truly teach the Word.

    They are both very charismatic speakers, but then so were Jim Jones and David Koresh.

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