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Yes, the Swastika Rings at are Real

I shared a photo on instagram this morning and the first reaction friends are having is, “Is that real?”

The answer is, sadly, yes.

Sears swastika armband

How about an armband? Maybe for when you dress like Prince Harry?

Sears swastika flag

Every properly decorated home needs a flag, no?

Sears swastika ring

Punk rock indeed.

As of this writing (noon pacific time) if you go to and search for swastika 272 items will be available in the marketplace. According to Sears on twitter the marketplace is where 3rd party vendors sell their wares. Also according to Sears on twitter the item has been flagged for review. That sounds almost as harsh as second grade detention. The issue isn’t this ring. Or this armband that you can also buy on The issue isn’t even the Swastika flag that’s for sale on (am I making my point yet?). The issue is that through either ineptitude (the best possible scenario) or indifference has become the defacto marketplace for swastikas online. Note that each of these items is available from a different seller in their online marketplace. We know that there is a team at Sears that has failed at their job in a monumental manner. I can’t even bring myself to look at all the books around Swastikas that are being offered for sale. I can only imagine what some of them might be. Here’s the problem. Sears has not come out to say that they find these products to be abhorrent. It’s okay to be bad at your job. I get it, I’ve made some terrible mistakes. What’s not okay is to be bad at being human. Also interesting is the fact that holds reviews in moderation queue for 72 hours. One would assume that the same could be done for their products. Someone is asleep at the wheel or maybe they purposefully are driving the train off the cliff. Who knows.

I like Sears. I want to be able to shop there but right now, that’s not something I could feel good about doing.


tl;dr Sears never said, “These offend us too.” That’s the fuck up.