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Sears Winter Clearance: On Your Marks, Get Set, SAVE 80%

Last week I was headed out to another Tech Party here in town, and I wanted needed a dress. I wanted a little pick-me-up, some color even.

If you follow me on Whrrl, you already know that I left Sears with a fabulous June Cleaver-esque cocktail dress (with a small dash of sexy built in). What you don’t know is that I also got Jane a three pair of skinny jeans and a hoodie, without breaking the bank.
jessica-gottlieb-sears-dressPhoto by Wm Marc (as usual)

From now through April 18th Sears is offering up to 80% off on all winter apparel. For all you Moms like me who are having a mini (or maxi) meltdown due to the economy let me give you the best tip ever.

I bought Jane some jeans at Sears last week for under $10 a pair, but in Los Angeles we’re pretty much done wearing jeans (whatever, my kids live in shorts). I took the brand new pants, ran one straight seam across them over the knee and cut them off into really cute shorts. Sometimes it’s hard for me to find Jane shorts that aren’t too short, and I don’t want to take expensive pants and start ripping them up, so this sale was the perfect solution. Hoodies were $6 and if your little guy grows as quickly as mine does, you’d be running to Sears’ sale now.

While you’re there why not pick up a timeless cocktail dress that is somehow part of the winter sale (methinks you can wear much of this stuff year ’round). At only $11.99 I’d still have money left to actually buy dinner.

Click Hereceladon-dress


Can I tell you something? Long before I accepted this post, I was at an LA nightclub with everyone complimenting my dress. It was $39 at Sears, but I felt like a million bucks.

*This is an Izea sponsored post