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SKYY Vodka

The Conversations I’ve Had Today

I just got off the phone with some guys from Veep. 10 days ago I get an email from them that said:

I’ll keep this email as short as humanly possible. Watch the brief video below, and if you have interest, I’d love for you to use VEEP free of charge. That’s it.

Folks, what you see above is what is known as the perfect pitch. I said sure and I started with Veep Saturday. If you were grading me on this food plan I’d probably get a C, maybe a C-. After a phone call today I sort of know how to use the website. In case you’re wondering I’ve lost two pounds in six days.

Makes no sense to me either.

We went to the party with Nick Cannon and Ingrid Hoffmann last night and I was so glad we went. It was hosted by SKYY vodka and it was a tiny party. Maybe 20 people? Anna and I monopolized Ingrid because we are tacky that way. Here’s a ceviche recipe as told in just a few seconds.

What she didn’t mention was that she’d finished the ceviche off with a dash of cherry infused vodka and it was ahhhhhmazing. There was also a splash of cherry infused vodka in the chocolate mousse. I like drinking vodka but I’ve got to say I really like it in food too.

So after we left the SKYY appetizer party we headed to Mr. Chow for dinner and the chef came out to show how they make the noodles. So fun.

This week I’ve had dinner out with two girlfriends for absolutely no reason at all. If you haven’t connected with a girlfriend this week my challenge to all of you is to grab one friend and go for dinner. You don’t need an agenda or a reason, just do it. It’s good for your soul.

Of course I have about five posts brewing about my incredible trip to Riviera Nayarit. My friend George is headed to Sayulita for a wedding and I’m ridiculously excited for everyone in that wedding party as Sayulita was a charming little enclave that I hope to visit again soon.

As I’m writing a post telling you about a press trip, a small celebrity party and a food plan that was made available to me because of blogging I get a phone call from a marketer friend who wants to talk about the Momfia and how she is sick to death of bloggers complaining about getting pitched. I completely agreed with her. But then if a blogger was on the phone with me I’d completely agree with the blogger. Mostly though I understand that bloggers just bitch and moan too much and we all need better about me pages.

And then we talked about the fact that blogs get popular and the opportunities and the products take over the content.

And then I looked in the mirror.


So, I’m asking you, my readers, to please hang tight. I have to tell you about Riviera Nayarit and some surrounding areas in Mexico because the trip was so spectacular you’ll want to add it to your vacation plans.