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About Me (Contact)

This used to be a page meant to help publicists reach out to me. I don’t take PR pitches any longer. 

Some time ago I was told that About Me pages should be written in the third person.

I had an about me page that marketers loved, but it made me sound like an automaton. I’m all done listening to random people.

Here’s the thing, I’m a mom in Los Angeles. I’ve got two kids, Jane is 19, Alexander is 16. I’m married and in addition to loving my husband, I like him.

After Alexander was born I needed some intellectual stimulation and I thought of joining a book club but decided to go back to school one night a week and get my Masters Degree in Education instead.

We have a dog, his name is Junior. He is useless, but adorable. Our cat Sparky is a serial killer, she is more useful than Junior but I love her less.

I’m a thoughtful consumer, and I like things green whenever possible. Nielsen called me Power Mom in 2008 and again in 2009 (there was no list in 2010 or 2011, I didn’t fall off the map, there was no map). Babble named me one of the Top 50 Mom Bloggers two years in a row. Forbes says I’m one of 14 Power Women to follow on Twitter. The Hive Awards gave this blog an award at SXSW.

Traffic has been steadily climbing. In December 2011 this blog broke a million page views.

I used to write at Celsias.comThe LA Moms Blog and Before blogging, I consulted with online retailers while running a thriving eBay business. I was a featured panelist at the Consumer Reports Health Summit, am profiled in The eBay Success Chronicles, Twitterville,Facebook and Twitter For Seniors For Dummies and have the #1 Los Angeles blog in the Facebook Network. I have been a Key Speaker at SitsCation, a panelist at Girls In Tech, a featured speaker at BlogWorld Expo, and at Jeff Pulver’s 140 Conference four separate times. I occasionally guest lecture at USC and UCLA.

You might have seen me on Dr Phil, I’ve been a guest there a number of times, recent TV appearances include the CBS Evening News, KTLA News, CNN, HLN, Wendy Williams, Fox and Friends, and The Daily Show. I’ve been written about at the LA Times, NY Times, LA Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, Ms. Magazine (my mother’s dream come true) and many many more. I’ve been on NPR a few times and if that was the only press I’d ever received that would be enough to delight me. I have traveled with both Oprah and NASA. I look forward to many more travels with Huawei.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I now have an understanding of Tumor Necrosis Factor and what TNF Inhibitors can do.


Past work includes The United Nations and

Contact info:

[email protected]

Please do not call for earned media. Please do not ask your intern to call. They sound like they are close to tears on the phone. 

Consulting: I am available to help connect women and brands


46 thoughts on “About Me (Contact)”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I really like your blog. I am a working mom starting a free quartely parenting magazine here on Prince Edward Island (that’s Canada) and I am looking for some well written content. I think your writing is hilarious and relevant. E mail me if you want to talk about some freelance work.

    Thanks, Jordan McIntyre

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I just wanted to write and introduce myself and tell you I love reading your blog. I especially enjoyed your entry on The Zak about “Sex with Strangers is Hotter than Marriage.” I work in PR for the Oscar Mayer Lunchables brand and love to read the newest on the mom front. Just wanted to write and introduce myself and look forward to new entries to come.

  3. You know, I admire my dad too. Not to say I don’t admire my mom– but for when it comes to being a great person, I’d love to be my dad.

    I hope I inspire the same kind of approval in a special someone that your husband inspires in you. :O

    Related: Being an eBay mogul is awesome. I would’ve loved to do that– if I thought I would enjoy it. :3 Did you buy the bags IRL and sell them online or buy online and sell online?


  5. You are right about Wendy Greuel. I’m working my butt off in Valley Village to defeat her. I’m acquainted with her from my work with the Neighborhood Council Valley Village. She has never returned my phone calls or e-mails, yet she had the gall to ask for my endorsement! She is a self-serving, kiss-up politician who will do anything to stay in the good graces of the Mayor. By the way, I was the one who submitted the question at the VANC forum concerning her undisclosed ties to the IBEW- as referenced in the LA Weekly article you posted. She was visibly pissed and embarassed- it made my day.

  6. I got to your blog from a product review you made on Amazon. I actually had a question about the product. It was the Strathwood wicker table and chairs. Are you able to put a drink on the table without it tipping over? I was curious if the table needed a piece of glass on top. If that is the case it is not for me. Thanks in advance.

  7. you have a good profile, but for some odd reason you capitalize both “outdoor education” and “automotive industry” when grammar rules wouldn’t dictate such an outcome

  8. So, I’m watching you on Dr. Phil at the moment. Already, I don’t care for you. Don’t you dare scorn someone for disciplining a child, which is her family. Its just a difference in opinion. I am 22 years old and my brother is 13, and trust me, I have been a part of spanking him. And before you jump to conclusions, I was abused as a child, so that is not a part of the way I do things. He is very intelligent, involved in sports, polite, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Even being abused as a child, eventually my mom and step-dad began to spank me again, and one way was with a paddle. If I didnt have that, I would have been WAY more wild than I ever thought about being. I had a rough child hood, a lot happened at a young age when my biological father was still alive. I have also seen first hand how spanking your children works with 3 of my cousins. She spanks them, sends them to their room to think about it, and then go and talks to them about why she did it and it has worked wonders. She has 2 boys, 15 and 12, and a little girl, 9. They are all very intelligent, very poised, POLITE( yes ma’am no ma’am), listen very well, and have a great relationship with their parents. If you had a conversation with any of them they would blow your mind, they are wise beyond their years. The way you do your “parenting” is what is wrong with sooooo many children today. Parents talking to their children and acting like a friend instead of doing what they are supposed to. That is so stupid! If my child is throwing a tantrum OH! you best believe they get one warning. I will be taking privileges away and/or a pop on the buttox. Children are extremely intelligent, and definitely know how to manipulate. I feel sorry for the people who take your advice in that department, unless they just happened to be incredibly lucky.

    1. I wish there was a dislike button for this comment. I can't believe someone could be so passionate about abuse. B/c even though you are justifying it as good discipline there really is no other word for hitting someone as abuse. I am not sure why someone who, herself was abused would think hitting another individual is okay. You are not TEACHING them anything. I would like to see the roles reversed in a family of spankers…Say YOU god forbid make a mistake…Is it okay for your child to turn around and give you a good whack? No, you would probably smack them right back. I think the world would be a whole lot better off if behavioral psychology was a requirement for any one becoming a parent. Respect should be given to the most precious things a person will ever know…Your children!

  9. You are way off base. HOW DARE YOU SCOLD THAT LADY ON HOW SHE DISCIPLINES HER CHILD!!!!! Let me say this: The reason we have a bunch of kids and teens, etc that don’t listen, don’t care about anyone or anything, have no respect for anything, is due to PUSSY PARENTS like you. I don’t believe in child abuse. However, a light spanking and/or some form of discipline works. KIDS NEED STRUCTURE AND PARAMETERS. Do you know something I have 2 kids (both boys ages 8 and 14) – EVERYONE loves these kids and thinks they are the most well behaved kids they have EVER seen. My 14 year old looks up to me for everything and will talk to me about anything. He gets lots of freedoms because HE RESPECTS HIS BOUNDARIES – that most of you pussy parents haven’t got a clue about. When he was young, he got COLD SHOWERS and this WORKED. I’m not talking 30 minutes – I’m talking a 30 second to 1 minute SHOCK Shower. Guess what – it worked. After a while, all I had to do is say “Do you want a cold shower?” and the bad behaviour would stop. You people who let your kids run however they want, say and do whatever and however they want, and not following through with consequences, are doing kids more harm than good. Furthermore, I hate being around these little ungrateful kids you have rose – I have “friends” who are pussy parents and their kids are out of control. Funny thing is: the father says “I don’t know what to do with BLANK – he won’t listen to me and walks all over me” – HMMMMM WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS?

    1. jesse brown plasma toid

      I live in brazil and there is a law against spanking kids here.You aren not supposed to even hit them. Most of the kids here are fine. Its violence like the violence that you show your kids that has other kids doing crazy stuff because they want attention. And not from you, Spanking doesn not make good kids, it makes scared kids. good parentes make good kids. And some people are just bad regardless of what their parentes do. I know. My dad used to beat my brother half silly and my brother still ended up in prison … guess what he ended up in prison for? Beating his wife for not letting him spank his kids. Shaking my head.

  10. Hi Jessica, Caught you on Dr. Phil yesterday, what a show! Hoping you might take a look at our new blog for parents on family safety, adventure, and fun: let me know what you think. Thanks, Sheila

  11. You idiot…if you aren’t illiterate then you can read that i said SPANK THEM if they get out of line!!! And i got cold showers too! if my butt didnt get up when they told me thats exactly what i got. I think you should spank them, if needed, and also, take away their things and privileges. I dont care if they end up with a bed in their room and thats it. Not my problem. If they want their things back they’ll start listening. No child of mine will be running over me. Maybe you should see how Mrs. Jessica says you should do things. Go to youtube and look up dr. phil on friday jan. 15th. She would be those “pussy parents” that you are speaking about. She doesnt like spankings.

    and thank you Mrs. Evelyn..i hope so.

  12. Hi!

    I have to say I saw you on the Dr. Phil show and you were fabulous!!! When you spoke to the woman who hits her nephew with a belt it was amazing! I am a new mom of a 3 month old and I could never imagine ever hitting or yelling at my child. I know there will be days that I will want to yell but you said something that was brilliant to me… you said they are not stupid they are just little! I just wanted to say that you are great!!!

  13. for sure i will learn a lot from your blog about how to write. Desperately want to improve the way i write in my own language (indonesian) so i can share my piece of mind, but my use of english because i marry to a danish which make our family so diverse make my indonesian language kinda messy. best wishes for you :-)

  14. I am currently watching you on Dr Phil and I think you are making a fool of yourself. You are telling someone that they have no right to threaten or spank their naughty child. What gives you the right to say that to them. Children who arent spanked are undisciplined, disrepectful and just plain naughty. Spanking is not about fear or abuse. It is about teaching the child to respect and obey. I was spanked, as was my little brother, and we have grown up to be contributing and respectful members of society. Some of my cousins have not been spanked and they are difficult, disrespectful and disobedient children who run riot in their household. Their parents have zero control over them. Telling someone that they should be in jail for spanking is just plain wrong. You are just plain wrong. And you need to recognise that. You should not be giving parenting advice to people when you clearly are not a perfect parent yourself.

  15. I wish there was a dislike button for this comment. I can't believe someone could be so passionate about abuse. B/c even though you are justifying it as good discipline there really is no other word for hitting someone as abuse. I am not sure why someone who, herself was abused would think hitting another individual is okay. You are not TEACHING them anything. I would like to see the roles reversed in a family of spankers…Say YOU god forbid make a mistake…Is it okay for your child to turn around and give you a good whack? No, you would probably smack them right back. I think the world would be a whole lot better off if behavioral psychology was a requirement for any one becoming a parent. Respect should be given to the most precious things a person will ever know…Your children!

  16. Hello Jessica Gottlieb, You are 100% correct in what you wrote. That was the best post out of all 29. Thank You, Joey C

    Jessica Gottlieb said…
    Actually, I don’t even care.
    I love that y’all run into buildings that everyone else runs out of.
    Last night I called 911 from a cell phone and thirty of you saved my neighbor from his blazing house.
    Website… meh… who cares. Just keep on keeping on.

  17. Wanted to try the “roller ball” eye stuff you recommended, however, it’s $55 + $6.50 for shipping…..that would have been OK, but the only way to pay for this is through PayPal and I’d rather use my Amex card, because it’s easier to return it and get a credit that way. I’d love to be able to get a sample before I actually spend over $60 on an eye cream. Any thoughts?

  18. Excuse me…you LIKE your husband too? Wow, that’s something. No one ever admits to that anymore, at least not in California. I guess I can come out of the closete now.

    PS: So glad you did not write this in 3rd person – way too stand-offish and formal.

  19. hi there, I’m a mom-hes 25 with a wedding this fall and my husband of 26 years had stroke this spring. now we need to leave our new england home for the warmer west to be near doctors jobs affordable housing> I am trying to be creative in raising the $ we will need to make the trip. If you can help or can hook me up with anyone who can please do- and help doesnt always mean $.  my email is [email protected]   Thanks~

  20. I just saw you on Fox and Friends with Dr. Ablow.  There’s no easy way to say this except for the fact that Dr. Ablow WAS RIGHT and YOU’RE NUTS! ! ! about saying that it’s OK that little girls play with a ‘European-Import Doll’ that BREASTFEEDS.  In case anyone never told you..there a HUGE DIFFERENCE between you having breastfed your daughter in front of your son who was a toddler at the time and LITTLE GIRLS pretending to breast-feed anywhere anytime!  What’s next?…dolls that have intimate sexual acitvities anywhere, anytime?  I find you nothing short of pathetic! ! !…and a woman who might do ANYTHING!…FOR MONEY and ATTENTION.  What a crock!  

    1. look where we are 4 years later kids having to learn in schools in second grade how to be transgendered, and to learn about sex, i’d say jessica was dead on in her teachings, and for anyone thinking fox news is not real news, please show me where msnbc or cnn or any liberal news , is legit. fox has more viewers in the middle of the night, then cnn all day.

  21. re the breast-feeding doll segment….Yeyks!  you did not come across as an intelligent person, not through your opinions nor by the way you express yourself. how did someone so ineloquent get on TV? – oh right, FOX, they don’t respect eloquence .  furthermore It was vile of you to insinuate that your opponent’s opinion was perverse instead of having an intellectual debate on the matter. On which by the way, he was right. You have to be brain dead , not to make the connection between slapping fake “lactating” nipples on a child and sexualizing her in some way. 

  22. Hello Jessica:
    I “googled” – letter to daughter about divorce..and I found your blog. I am so overwhelmed with this decision, that I cannot keep searching for the exact match. I need help here. I have made a decision, that although a long time coming, is heart-breaking to my 8 year old daughter. The reasons are really unimportant at this point, but it is fair to say that every stone has been turned, and every prayer has been asked for. I am not looking for a justification, or an excuse that an 8yr old mind can understand. I just want her to know, that she is the best part of the both of us. And she is exactly perfect, even though her parents are not behaving as perfect as they should. We adore her, that we agree on. She is a wonderful human being, who has made us, really step up to the plate. We tried very hard, and we are so sorry that she had to hear any of the drama. I am now ready, to be a grown-up, and I promise never to forget that she is standing in between us as we fight. I am sorry, darling. I will spend the rest of my life trying to erase the damage that i have inprinted in your heart and soul.
     Jessica: if there is anything that you can share with me, that I can “borrow” from you, to make this easier for her, please let me know. I am trying to break this cycle now. Please help me, help my daughter.

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