A Mom’s Got To Do What a Mom’s Got To Do

This was my last soccer mom weekend ever. Jane will continue to play but she won’t play at the park again because she’s planning on playing three sports in high school and you just can’t dance at two weddings. There were moments that it felt bittersweet but it’s mostly exciting that Jane’s moving on. She’s … Read more

Four Steps For Soccer Moms

Later this afternoon I’ll be taking my kids to their first soccer practice of the season. Well, maybe my kids, maybe one kid? I’m not 100% sure who has practice and at what time. I’ll have to call the coaches (yes, someone else is coaching my kids this year) and find out who plays when. … Read more

I Wasn’t Always a Soccer Mom: I Used to Be Soccer Girl

Before the station wagon and the sensible haircut, before the modest clothing and industrial strength brassieres, before nightclubs and proposals there was soccer. Oh, let me clarify, in my childhood there was soccer. In late August of 1975 my Mother was on the telephone with her friend and said to me, "Bill’s going to coach … Read more