Soccer and Such

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AYSO hates me too

At last night’s board meeting I asked the board why we give trophies to every child. What happened to a trophy for 1st place, a smaller trophy for second place and medals for third place? Anyone ever heard the term false praise? The response, of course, was, “You go and tell the 6 year olds that they don’t get trophies.” Uh, okay. I guess I’d tell them that they’d have the opportunity to earn a trophy too. Cuz, ya know, raising a nation of sissies seems to be on the …

Soccer Week One

Girls 6-2, Jane’s goal was lovely. Boys 6-0, Alexander’s two assists were brilliant. I have a player who is a bit of a mystery to me. I had her two years ago, and I know she’s one of the best in the league. Last year her coach accused me of sandbagging him with a crappy player and a high rating. I expected her to have slowed down or something. Today she scored two goals, had half a dozen breakaways and threw her body on the ball as aggressively as any …


Games begin today. Heaven help us. Two dinners a week are already shot. I’m exhausted.