Pitches That Won’t Work

My inbox is filling up with marketers and publicists who want to get The Mommy Bloggers to talk about their stuff. Since everyone knows that The Mommy Bloggers are a homogenous group I thought I’d give you a list of pitches that will never work for me. I’m pretty sure they work for everyone else … Read more

Empire Avenue: The Social Media Stockmarket

If we’re connected on Facebook you’ve likely noticed that I have been enjoying Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue is a fantasy stock market for social media. It offers me an opportunity to turn work into a game. Since I’ve added Empire Avenue activities to my feed quite a few of you have asked me for more … Read more

Why Your Small Business Should NOT Engage Bloggers

Today I had not one, but three, three emails from friends and relatives who were all asking the same questions. Which bloggers should I approach? How should I approach them? My answer to them in short form is, “You shouldn’t.” Bloggers are wonderful, small business owners are fabulous, but if you’re in the business of … Read more

Three Ways To Make Your Twitter Party Not Suck

Previously I wrote that Twitter Parties Are Stupid. Well, they don’t have to, and if you don’t think of them as a sales tool I suspect they’re just fine. Here are three ways to make your Twitter Party not suck. 1. Don’t have one. If you don’t have a twitter party it won’t suck. Plan … Read more

Mom – This IS What I Do

Every phone call starts the same way. “Jessica, my friends ask me what you’re up to and I don’t know what to say.” “Tell them I’m a blogger.” I respond. “But how do you make money as a blogger?” She asks. And then I sigh, really loud, because if I had to spend several hours … Read more